[A] <Pumpers United> 6/9M (ATDH) LF DPS for Mythic Roster + Casual!

You guys still looking for a mage?

S1 7/8M

Took a break S2
Returned to the game Sept 9th. Currently 431 ilvl. 8/8 Heroic with a few (95+ ilvl) parses on first run.

My goal is to push CE next tier.

Still looking for recruits!

We’re looking for more ranged DPS! :slight_smile:

WTB: Ranged DPS :disguised_face:

Still looking for Ranged dps!! High priority on a mage :slight_smile:

Looking for more ranged DPS! :loudspeaker:

In the market for ranged dps, and a warrior!

We’re still looking for Ranged DPS & Aug, possibly a flex healer!

We’re in the market for a warrior, ranged dps, and possible flex healer!

Hello my warriors and ranged dps and flex healers come join we are silly and cute

edited to include our search for non-druid and non-priest healers! :slight_smile:

LF Ranged Dps and Non-druid/Non-priest Flex healer.

Hey you, yeah, you, the one reading this!

Do you like parsing and listening to people saying things they probably shouldn’t say out loud, let alone in a group setting?

Join Pumpers United today for progging mythic bosses and, at times, concerning conversation! We’re currently looking for a Ranged DPS, a Flex Healer, and a Melee DPS!

Make the best decision of your life and join Pumpers United!

Still looking for Mage/Ranged DPS and a flex Healer

Heyo! Still looking for a Mage, Ranged DPS and a flex healer!

bumper united

bumpy city

Still looking for non-druid non-priest healers, a mage, and ranged dps! We will consider all competent players!

Season four is just around the corner; come raid with us! We’re still looking for Non-Druid/Priest, healers, mages, and ranged DPS! However, anyone is welcome to be considered!

We’re still recruiting for Season 4 and War Within!