[A] Proudmoore 3/8M <FinalBoss> recruiting for 8.3 Mythic

FinalBoss on Proudmoore is looking for raiders to fill out our spots for 8.3 raid progression!

We are a guild of long time friends that have a strong sense of community. We value having fun while also challenging ourselves. We have achieved AoTC and 3/8 Mythic (9% pull on Ashvane btw) in Eternal Palace and just need a few more dedicated players to round out our mythic roster. With your help we can truly be great!

Our raid times are 6:45 - 9:30 PST every Tuesday and Wednesday with Farm content on Friday at the same time. We also have many dedicated M+ players that are always ready to do keys!

What we are looking for (Most desired to least):

  • A mage or two
  • Havoc Demon Hunter(s)
  • Any ranged DPS
  • Rogues
  • Any melee DPS

But we are always looking for any dedicated player with a good attitude!

Send us a shout!

Guild master

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Hope to see you soon :smiley:

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Pretty cool guild

we pimpin homes

We have a fun time :smiley:

this is not a bump if you were wondering

The officers in this guild are the coolest people ever.

Come join us in ny’alotha

To the person who added Scooter#1541, your friend list is full!

it was me! I tried, lol. My FL is always full… tried again and deleted some

You commented on my other post

8.3 tomorrow. Come join us for the fun!


Still looking for solid dps.

This is not a bump

Come lose your sanity with us.

If you’re looking for a guild with nice and fun people that actually do things in game, we’re the guild for you! :grin:

Tuesday raid day. Come join us!

Today’s the day. If your looking for awesome people to push content and hangout with we are the guild for you!!!