[A] <Proud Manlets> 8/8M EP LF DPS, Heals, tank

About us:
The majority of our core have top U.S. raiding history and have been playing at a high caliber since vanilla. We’re a new guild to Kel’Thuzad and finished our first tier together as server second and US 159 and second tier as server first US 69 Famed in BoD and US 86 Famed in Eternal Palace.

Our current goal: Continue to be a top US 100 guild. We will achieve this by having competitive progression, efficient Mythic+ teams, and high-ranking raiders. We can and will achieve this because of our prestigious raid history, our dedicated, skilled team, and resourceful leadership.

Our internal goal: We want our guild to be dedicated, efficient, and enjoyable. We will achieve this through performance reviews, survey feedback, QnA sessions, interactive raid strats, solid flow of communication, and class/role mentoring.

Our casual goal: We want our guild to have some laughs, give each other sh*t, and kill bosses. After all, this is a game.
In our off time we play other games together as well such as Dota 2, League, ToS, and whatever else is popular at the time.

When we raid:

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday

Currently 9:30pm - 12:30am EST

Our recruiting needs:

We’re looking for players who are adaptable, versatile, and drama free. We want our raiders to strive to improve their play, take criticism well, and are okay with an adult oriented raid atmosphere.

We are currently in need of very strong DPS and Healers please feel free to app.
Please have Mythic experience and logs for me to review.

Guild Perks:

We do sale runs to keep our guild money flowing and also give participants a cut of the sale. The only requirements are that you are here for the runs and have earned raider rank. As usual, flasks/pots/food and repairs are provided.

If our guild pertains to you, then add me to battletag or discord so we can discuss you being a part of Proud Manlets.

Battletag: Gabriel#1817

Discord: Gabe#0118

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iraider 2 electric boogaloo

What an absolute unit of a raid team.

Looking for a rogue, warrior, lock or any other exceptional dps still!

pre nerf ghuun team

M ghuun is a complete joke now. Come get it.

Rogues, locks.

gaming tho

Still have need for a warrior?

Still looking for some ranged and a solid rogue

Warlocks, hunter.

If any locks or a hunter need a home we are looking for you!

Looking for spriest, lock, ele, hunter.

Looking for shadow priests, elemental shamans, hunters, and locks.

Cleared 9/9H easy. Least amount of days and pulls.

Easy 3/9 M, opulence dead next raid.

Morning proud manlets,

Me and my friend Nas were looking for a mythic raiding home before possibly xfering off KT. We’re both around 398ilvl tier 1 melee dps, I’m enhance he’s ret paly. We top our heroic pugs m+ keys and are multi R1 arena players including in last season.

We are social/friendly but dedicated as F and are super competitive so if you guys do BIG DAM and take 0 mechanics dmg, we will do anything to 1 up you :wink:

I will add Gab later tonight, cheers!
And grats on ez 3/8 M.

4/9 M easy boss. Conclave dead monday.

5/9 M easy. King dead soon.

Looking to add an spriest or another lock to roster!