[A] <Precision> [Cael/Nagrand/Saur] 9/10H + 3/10M SoD LFM

Precision [A] Caelestrasz/Nagrand/Saurfang


Current Recruitment Needs -

We have seen a number of raiders drop from our roster this tier for IRL commitments, to play other games or take a break. At this time recruitment is open to strong raiders of any class/spec. Some preferences listed below.

Tank x 1 or dps/heal with strong tank OS, prefer non pally
Heal x 1 - 2 any class/spec, prefer heal with strong OS
mdps prefer havoc and ww but all considered
rdps prefer lock but all considered

If you are interested please get in contact with one of the following: Dhane#1433, Bross#1345, or Sally#1881.

Current Tier - SoD 10/10N, 9/10H, 3/10M

Previous Tiers - AotC + 3/10M CN, AotC + 11/12M Nyalotha

PROGRESSION RAID TIMES - NOTE: Raid times are in AEST during non daylight saving time

Wed: 9:30pm ST (AEDT) - 11:30pm ST (AEDT)
Thurs: 9:30pm ST (AEDT) - 11:30pm ST (AEDT)

Optional Sunday raid where there is sufficient interest: Sun: 9:30pm ST (AEDT) - 11:30pm ST (AEDT)

Precision is a raiding guild based on the oceanic server caelestrasz/nagrand/saurfang.

We are a 2-night a week raiding guild looking to push through AOTC and back into mythic progression for the current and future raid tiers.

We pride ourselves in having a friendly culture, and an active guild roster that participates raiding both progression and casual, as well as a plenty of M+ at various levels.

We ask our raiders to have proficient knowledge of their class and spec, and to be able to handle constructive criticism when seen to be under performing.

We also expect raid members to bring a positive attitude to raid nights, and to be respectful to other raid members, and all other members of the wow community at all times.

If you have any further questions please contact the following people on BNet:

Dhane#1433, Bross#1345, Sally#1881.

looks good

Ta for your approval!

  • Mythic Taloc farm and Mother progression tonight, anyone interested encouraged to come trial by Purifying Flames!

mother down, ye boi

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Mythic Taloc and Mother kills and Zek’Voz prog tonight - still looking for some solid heal or dps!

Hey mate so are you really only looking for one more then? My friends and myself are looking for a place to go, 1 x tank/dps, 2 x melee, 1 x ranged and 1 x heals

Hey Floox, thanks for contacting.

I’m sure we could get that make up into heroic raid. For Mythic, it’d be tight to get 5 in however is possible based on performance. May end up melee heavy too but we have some room to juggle with some of us having multiple characters. If you’re interested, add myself or the GM (Dhane#1433 or Bross#1345) it’d be great to have a chat in more detail :smiley:


Updated to reflect interest in all classes/specs as we move towards Dazar’Alor!

Still recruiting all classes/specs, but particularly interested in reliable healers!

3/9H BoD looking for more for progression, ranged dps strongly desired!


Intereted in joining . Wed/thursdays suits me well. Currently ilvl 382 and was GM and raid lead for my guild for the past seven years ( most of team stopped playing early December and I just dont want to rebuild again .)

If you think you can use me in your team then hit me up in game - TheBat#1825


Sounds great :slight_smile: sending you friend request

looking for new frens

Still looking for strong heals, dps and possibly tank with decent off spec.

Also players interested in m+ or normal raid.

LF healers (pref. monk/pally/priest), a decent tank, and just ranged dps (any class)

add on bnet if interested Seb#1919 Bross#1345 or Dhane#1433

A day later, and we still lookin <3

desperate for some healers

happy easter frens

Jadefire down :slight_smile: still looking for more!