A possible compromise to RDF from an anti-RDF perspective

Sad but true. It’s clearly not a design decision to remove RDF. There’s some other metric guiding their decision.

Conspiracy theorist. You better have evidence to make this claim

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Yup, and they still call ME the troll! Is it any wonder why pro-RDF has largely been unable to convince anyone at this point?


I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Patiently anticipating the 70 boost announcement. They’ve never waited this long for a cash shop item announcement.

Getting my popcorn ready for that.

I’m wondering when exactly the 1-per-account boost restriction is going to be lifted. Because it will be lifted; just a matter of when.

You saying you proved me wrong by linking someone’s first comment is not you proving anything.
There, I just proved that oranges are actually yellow. Just like that.

and this one has over 400 likes.
and 10 replies later, my comment has nearly 300 likes.

says who? you? based off what exactly?
I liked first 7 links I could find in first 10 seconds. One of them was anti-RDF OP. Sure, so you’re going to ignore the rest? As per usual. I can link you dozens more.

link it agan. And not the blue post saying “we’ve heard community feedback”, because clearly they haven’t. I’m looking for hard numbers.

Yall claim how we are the loud minority. So if you to follow your absolutely pure-guess logic, how exactly did they hear the feedback from those who don’t talk?

Who are you to determine that wowlogs is not a valid source? You are just going to dismiss 30,000 voites? Just like that? Because you don’t like it? LMAO


People said that for TBC too…

Lots of conspiracy theory here.

Also, of course Blizzard make decision that generates revenue, it’s a business. That’s how business work. If they ever get a clear business case that RDF could drive revenue, I have no doubt they will implement it.

In the meantime, I was making a hypothetical discussion around compromise for RDF seeing how it’s absence is literally ruining the entire expansion for some people…

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Are people still getting baited by Bloomer? Amazing he isn’t on everyone’s Ignore list by now.

Well you are here and contributed quite actively to the discussion lol


Your personality is literally that of an unwitting and unironic troll.

Bloomsday just believes in what he believes in and is willing to back it up.

You want to back up what you’re saying, then merely do so using bad logic and by throwing insults


He is yet to link a single source. Blue post is not a source of data. It’s another claim without any back up.

Except it is. You said I was 100% wrong when I said pro-RDF is unwilling to compromise. But you failed to read the very first post from someone who is pro-RDF, unwilling to compromise, and has more likes than the OP.

This is what we call proof Tesalyn.

So you linked yet another pro-RDF poster saying that the’yre unwilling to compromise with the new tool, and it got 400 likes, and you think this is helping you?

Tesalyn, you are further proving my point! This isn’t fun if I don’t get to defend my point myself. You are literally giving us proof that pro-RDF is unwilling to compromise meanwhile anti-RDF is.

Based off all the evidence I’ve linked you that you continue to ignore. Also based off of all the evidence you’ve linked yourself.

The other one was two different threads by the same person. The other ones you can’t say conclusively if they are pro-RDF or anti-RDF. You don’t know their alignment. Just like you didn’t know Confidence’s.

Please do! I would appreciate you proving yourself wrong more.

Link what exactly?

Quote where I have ever claimed this. I’ll wait.

Someone that understands how statistics, the player base, and Warcraftlogs works.

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You never linked anything.
Go ahead. Link it right now.

This is your chance. Show me a graph, data, statistic. Anything with numbers that there are more anti-RDF than pro-RDF.

DO it. And I will never contradict you again.
Match 26k poll of wowlogs.
Match 28k poll on youtube.
Match all smaller polls.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.
But I bet your wrinkly butt, you can’t.

You linked my thread as a source for him, lmao, self checkmate.

Secondly, logic can be used in an argument as ridiculous as RDF/Anti RDF, you don’t need some peer reviewed study or “official statement”. People have totally just forgotten about making rational arguments. “SOURCES SAY DROPPED OBJECTS FALL UPWARDS”, well I’ll be! Guess gravity works upwards if someone makes an official statement claiming so


You missed it the first time around?

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this whole “rdf existing in classic” fan fiction is getting boring

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I truly, in 7k+ posts, have never seen something quite like this. Half of me wishes they all did this.


A thread? How’s this a source? You’re so stuck up on this little thing. Sure, some anti LFG folks are willing to compromise. Some don’t. Some pro RDF is willing to compromise, some dont. SO what?

Go ahead mate.
This is it.

Because your claim which I suppose I have to remind you of, was this:

So yeah, a thread is a source in this case, and it proves you wrong.


Link me a source that claims that there are more anti RDF than there are pro-RDF.
I want to see numbers. Numbers.