A positivity thread!

They never said this. It was one lone dev spitballing an idea. This is not a change they plan on making at this time.

That person made a thread thinking to troll RDF people into commenting and then attacking them for it.

Thinly vieled attempt.


do you have a source on this?

Ah this is a troll thread, I should’ve known based on how hostile the poster was even after I admitted my mistake in misreading the post.

Not sure what this person would gain from all this hostility though? Doesn’t really sound like a good use of time if you ask me.

This character youve got going on is great tho man

Nope! but youve been reported for trolling.

I wanted to chime in and talk about the “ilvl squish” in ToC/ICC a bit more, and provide even more context for anyone who is reading this who may have some questions about this idea (and I do want to stress, it’s currently just an idea)

ahhhh! i must have missed this part i hope they do this because its a great idea.

I’ve already made quite a few new friends using the LFG system! Love it a lot!

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I’m not sure what you could report me for, anyone can read our conversation thread and find that you were being hostile for no other reason than you disliking my opinion.

derailing a thread is against ToS! enjoy your vacay!

Rather see them buff ulduar gear a bit instead of nerfing toc gear. But keeping Ulduar relevant is good.

either one would be a great option

Not sure what “derailing” a thread is but the thread seemed to be on rails until you asked someone to get on voice chat to hear them cry, on top of all the random aggression you’ve shown towards me.

If I say RDF is bad will this magically un-derail the thread?

While waiting in queue the past few days, I’ve managed to do all of my weekly reports for work that I normally hold off on doing until Friday, so it looks like I get off work early tomorrow!

Spamming or Trolling

This category includes:

  • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish
  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
  • Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters
  • Making non-constructive posts
  • Abusing the Reported Post feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages
  • Numbering a thread, IBTL, TLDR, or any other fad statements

If a player is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Be given a temporary or permanent ban from the forums, depending upon severity

Not only did you do most of those things especially the highlighted part but anyone can scroll up and see how hostile you were this whole thread, for a “positivity” thread you seem to be the only non positive one here. Does this make you the troll?

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Report me then! youre ignored tho! enjoy your vacation from the forums, you’ll have more time to spend with those kids.

I can finally shoot some Explosive Shots on my hunter.

Well… Once I’m not in a queue that is.


I won’t report you, I don’t even know how to. If anything my kids can read this thread and find out what video game addiction can do to an adult mind, I won’t even have to give them parental locks after this, they can see for themselves what the outcome is of too much WoW.

Im loving the wrath stuff! everything is crazy easy now!