A place for returning players

I’ve decided to build a guild for those who remember how the game used to be, and still is on hardcore classic. No raid logging, no empty roster, no empty discord, no forcing you to pug. Titan Werks on Emerald Dream is going to re-establish what it means to be in a Warcraft guild. Camaraderie, group efforts, guild events, progression through guild ranks and end game content based on your investment. The current, toxic, pug-centric, soloist degeneracy that passes for WoW just isn’t acceptable for us, and I’m sure many of you are tired of it as well. Lets change it and build our own legacy guild. A home for new players, returning players, and those of us who kept our subs up only to watch the pug meta destroy the game in real time. This will not be purely a social endeavor, the guild goals will be to build towards CE progression and RBG domination as we grow and solidify. However, we will not leave behind our membership who wish to enjoy the game casually. There will be multiple raid groups, multiple rbg groups, support for guild key groups, arena groups, and even backing for wpvp enjoyers and RP. The goal is to take advantage of all that WoW has to offer, together.

Feel free to contact me any time, I try to make myself available frequently to talk, hear ideas, or discuss anything involving the game and the guild.




Raid lead is currently 3/9 heroic and looking to fill roles for casual and progression groups. Come join us today

Best of luck in your endeavors! Be sure to post in other sub forums too though as returning player is very low volume and likely won’t have too many people seeing it here.

where do you recommend? im new to the forum thing so i posted here, our server, and guild recruit

Server and guild recruit are the usual places. If your guild will also be new player friendly, you can also fill out an entry in This thread. (just follow the format given in the first post there.)

thank you i appreciate it, and i did post per standard

I’m still looking and accepting all who are interested. I have several returning players already. Mostly people who left during Shadowlands or before and came back to realize the game shifted into a hyper toxic pugfest that they dont want to be a part of.

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Went 7/9 normal last night with a few returning players and some players who have never entered a raid before. We are on the path to success and really hoping you will read this and join us.

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I just returned after several years of playing FFXIV. I bought the new Pre Order and didn’t realize or forgot how they force you to grind out all the content for flying. I’m sitting in a new city, with 35 mounts and cannot fly . Why? I had enough already. Seems like the current regime still doesn’t get what makes a game fun. Maybe when MS takes over they clean house and go in another direction.

The game still looks fine, plays well but there are way too many quests, most a PIA to get to because the mapping is so poor. I want a fun game, not a part time job and that hit me 2 days in. Got my refund. Good luck guys.

im sorry to hear that. we would have liked to help you get through some of the massive wall they hit new and returning players with but it seems like youve made up your mind and moved on already. i wish you luck out there

I returned the new Pre order but still have a sub for a month. I could buy it again if I had any idea what to do. That’s the problem. I’m sitting in, can’t even remember the area, and overwhelmed. Maybe I should just go back to FFXIV. Thanks for your help, though.

if you want to join us tonight we are going into raid, i dont have strict requirements or anything. we are just going to have a good time

We end our first raid week at 9/9N 1/9H. Come join us and lets pump these kills out.

Everyone is welcome to join us in discord and see how you like it

I want in. I’ll find you

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Im glad to see more and more people taking interest in this endeavor. Feel free to message me anytime

Hello there! I think your guild vision is great. Im looking to come back to retail. I haven’t raided since Shadowlands but have played a little bit of Dragonflight when it dropped. I used to play alot back in BC/LK.

Looking forward to getting back into it. Will reach out tonight for invite. Probably going to roll new character, but thats ok.


Welcome back from the holidays everyone! We are ready to get back rolling and would love to have you come join us. Please message me any time, or ask any guildy for an invite. we are about to start our push for aotc and into mythic prog.

Our new nights and times are:

Tuesday Progression 700-1030pm Server (central)
Wednesday Casual/farm/alt night 700-1030pm Server (central)
Thursday Progression 700-1030pm Server (central)

here is an updated discord link as well

Now 5/9 heroic

Id be interested. Ive bee naway a bit I have aotc up till this raid tier/patch. Something just clicked for a while and I was turned off from the game, prob cause a friend of mine who played with us died and everyone else left the game leaving me to solo most of the time but my job and such afford me a good bit of time to game so it just sucked soloing all the time.