{A} <Phoenix> Looking for more!

Greetings! We are currently looking to bolster our current raid lineup with a few good people! Currently we are looking for a tank(s) but all are welcome to query. We are currently 8/8N 4/8H. We are a pretty casual guild, who as of late, would like to throw a smidge more love @ progression! Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 8pm-10pm(central). If you are looking at getting into or perhaps looking for a bit of a change in your current raiding schedule or would like some more information, please feel free to either reply here or feel free to message Indrajin, Jacko, Bowbow, Elfyra or myself!

/Edit No more Saturday raid! Gasp!
/Edit We killed moar thing things! /credit Elfyra


Hey all! I would like to add on to what my friend Aethrynn posted here.

Phoenix has been around for quite some time now. Coming up on 12 years this January! We certainly are more casual but we do have a lot of experience across our members and an organized system with designated raid leaders.

We’re looking for some friendly folks to help bolster our raid roster. If you are newer to raiding, this could be a good home for you. We are patient and friendly. We don’t judge or yell at people for making mistakes. If this sounds good to you, please let us know.

Thanks for your time and consideration! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Phoenix is a great guild. Come join an adult, laid back culture that enjoys raiding.


Hey guys!

367 balance druid with some heroic Uldir raiding experience (3/8H I think). I could probably be convinced to put together a healing kit as well.

I like the way your guild sounds and I’d be interesting in joining. My current guild is pretty much dissolved due to BFA disappointment so I’m looking for a fun group to tackle new content with.

My battle.net tag is Infernillo#1742.


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Hi there Kutshort!

Thank you for your inquiry! My battle.net tag is Indrajin#1363.

Let’s chat when you have some time.


Still looking for more! please feel free to reachout either here or in game if you have any questions or are interested! Our next raid is wednesday 8pm server, won’t you join us for the fun?! <3!!

Hey there freshly leveled 120 warrior. I have some minor experience raiding as a holy paladin but i’m open to the idea of tanking. I’ve played wow on and off for 10 years and i’m looking for a casual friendly guild that isn’t adverse to raiding and your guild looks like a good fit.

My battle.net tag is HumanTsunami#1844

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Hi Jerektare! Appreciate the interest!

My battletag is Indrajin#1363. Happy to chat with you to get you more info when you have some free time.

/ edit also now 8/8 N!(that was fun!)
so still looking for more! Fell free to reach out out to me or Indrajin, Jacko, Elfyra for anymore info~ thanks! <3
/edit I speelllz guud

Hello, I’m going to work right now but I’d like to speak with someone this evening about your guild and get some more info if possible. Please add me skwared1#1419

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Hey Chowmein! Thanks for the interest and I apologize for the late reply. I will add you. My bnet is Indrajin#1363. I look forward to chatting when you have some time.

Still looking for more! if your still wondering if perhaps we are a good fit, please reach out to me for a chat! If anything our next raid is this Wednesday what better way to see if we are what you are looking for than to join us for a day!

Yarr! we still be looking for a couple of good mates! ::ahem:: Still looking to bolster our ranks! As stated above we are a pretty casual guild looking to but some more oomph in our raiding, while atm we are not going to be pushing anything hardcore we are looking for people who may simply want a home! We try to run mythic + and expeditions when on our off time and also old content =). If your looking to raid but don’t want the pressures of hardcore raiding feel free to reach out and have a conversation!

::Signed:: your next best WoW friend <3.

Hi all! next raid is tomorrow @ 8 central. Still pondering the possibilities? Why not come join us for night and see if we may be a good fit!?! =)

//Update, thanks for all the responses so far! glad to have some more people call home! That being said we are still looking for more to join our ranks! 1st night of the new raid went pretty well two bosses down in two hours! <3 that learning curve! If you want more info or care to joins us for a night of fun please feel free top reach out to me here, in game or to anyone of the above mentioned people. Thanks!


Also <3 Pocky =)

Hello All, want to have fun with an a great group of people? Come join Phoenix!

Pretty sure the only requirement is the ability to dance in the back…at least that’s what works for me!

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It’s been great to see the family grow. We’re a laid-back, friendly group. Reach out and let’s chat, you’ll see why we love it here! :slight_smile: