A philosophical take: what makes a character gives the badass vibe?

this is something that i have been thinking after seeing people talk about how wow does not feel like wow was before.
and after some reflection i came into the conclusion that superficially things do not dwell that simply.
for example, someone can associate that part of the reason why certain characters of wow that are so loved by us like illidan or the lich king are badass as they are because good writting and character development.
for example, illidan for being the one who did difficult things and sacrifices for the purpose of defeating the legion, only to be considered as a betrayer, outcast, and despite his efforts for a good cause he was the edgy powerfull selfish character that is misunderstood as a villain.
the lich king being the contrast of the hero who wanted to save his people to transforming into the being he despised the most and so on.

i don’t think this is the explanation for the vibes, for we can find traits that they have and when we find individuals (to fictional or even real life) that share some of same such traits and all and they absolutely do not give the same vibes such characters give to us.
maybe its just because they look superficially badass and edgy with a cool voice? honestly i don’t really know.

i want to know what do you guys think about it, it doesn’t need to be strict with illidan or the lich king, i just picked those 2 examples because they are good ones, feel free to explore others.

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Start with the name. Like mine.


Sometimes it’s just a look

Other times it’s an attitude


My god man, use your shift key


There is no more surefire way to identify brainless people than by how they write.


I’ll always remember Haethen Kaul. Can’t remember the questline at all, but man, he looked cool af.

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All browsers that I’m aware of default to auto-capitalize the beginning of every sentence, whether it’s mobile or desktop. Evidently, some people turn it off. I’ll never understand why they do that, by the way.

Badass is getting into a knife fight with Deathwing after flying on your magic motorcycle

a humble character is a badass character to me, nobody will ever agree with me but I think the most heroic WoW character is/was Anduin. I truly hope Anduin comes back.


Subtlety with a pinch of good fashion sense, one must look as well as act the part.

Not edgy enough and you look like a tool, too edgy and ya look like a fool.

Let’s look at some of fiction’s most perfectly badass characters:
Uncle Iroh, Deadpool, James Bond, Thor, Jack Sparrow, etc… none of them try to be edgy or badass, they just ARE; they balance comedy and lightheartedness with moments of sheer power that are more accentuated by the fact that they’re usually very much good-natured. When they DO do something epic…it feels epic due to the rarity and spontaneity of the act.

If someone responds to what is supposed to be a deadly threat with a laugh and a quick quip, it’s usually a sign to run the OTHER direction; because they are either insane, about to mop the floor with somebody, or BOTH.

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Doing a Torghast run with a fishing pole equipped.

(“My orders were clear: go in there and retrieve lost soles!”)


smoking cigarettes’ . cigarette xmogs when blizz?

No mercy or regret. Every villain should have Garrosh’s attitude or they’re a quitter.


You’re not alone. The number of deaths from misinformed cobblers was staggering.


A Blood DK being able to cast Light’s Judgment while dressed in faerie wings. That’s badass.


but chilibean, they’ll kill you!

  • … i’m already dead

walks away into the sunset~
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Transmog, and being something out of the ordinary. At least for me.

It’s largely subjective.

There’s a billion elves and human paladins (they’re the most popular races), orc warriors with those Garrosh shoulders, etc, so it’s harder to stand out from the crowd when you’re playing those, imo.

If you’re playing a Kul’Tiran or a Mechagnome, I’m already looking at you for that alone lol.

What’s badass to some is lame to others.

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People who care about what is or isn’t badass feel very cringe to me. What’s badass is subjective, but if you hate something because it isn’t “badass” enough you give off very weirdo energy.

The discourse around WoW not being “metal” enough is very silly.

They are actually really, REALLY bad examples of “badass” characters
At no point were either Illidan or Arthas badass but they were always part of really cool overarching storylines - the moments that they were the most “badass” were always when they got beaten into a pulp because it was such a subvertion of expectations

Arthas losing his powers in WC3
Illidan losing to Arthas
Confronted by Akama and couldn’t stop Akama from taking back control
Kneeling when defeated in the Black Temple
Light’s Hope Chapel
His champions losing during the Argent Dawn Tournament
Frostmourne breaking apart

A “badass” character doesn’t exist, because a badass character are those like Fyrakk and Iridikron, N’Zoth’s boss fight twisting and turning reality, Deathwing when he is the size of the Maelstrom … yet they aren’t remembered for those as they are just “bosses” or “bad guys”

There is no such thing as a real badass character, just badass storylines where the “big bad” is actually not the most important part of it but all of it … which we then contextualize into a single focal point because that’s a very human thing to do - we suck at complex topics so we simplify things down to a single understandable point

Whilst Raszageth wasn’t ever that much of a threat to us, I am pretty sure folks have an easier time remembering her because she actually showed up in the story and fought the Aspects in combat than other “badass” characters because whilst her story was short it was relatively impactful, but then got diminished specifically because she was a raid boss meaning that we knew we would beat her and her actions would lead to nothing ultimately

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