[A] <Path to Valhalla> Tu/Th Raid, 9/9H 1/9M

We are a Midcore Alliance Guild with a primary focus on Heroic Raiding and Mythic+ content. Our primary emphasis is on maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. We prioritize content that makes sense for the entire guild to participate in, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all members. We extend a warm welcome to members of the Horde faction as well!

Founded on the principles that every player possesses equal potential and can achieve their in-game goals, our guild prioritizes training and survivability over DPS/Parsing or Flavor of the Month. We are actively recruiting and aim to have a well-rounded roster with one representative of each class, although all players are welcome to apply. Join us in fostering a community where every member can thrive and succeed!

We actively support our members in achieving various goals each season, including:

  • Ahead of the Curve completion
  • 2500 IO score
  • Alt Raid participation
  • Achievement hunting
  • Casual events, contests, giveaways, and more!

Weekly Schedule: (All times are EST/Server)

  • Tuesday/Thursday: Heroic Prog - 9pm to 11:30pm
  • Saturday: Alt/Community Normal Raid - 9pm to 11pm
  • Sunday: PVP Night
    Current needs:
    :shield: Tanks - Raid Full, M+ Only
    :heart_decoration: Healers Raid full, M+ Only
    :crossed_swords: DPS - Couple DPS spots Available-

Contact us:

  • Guild Master: RavĂȘnyx | Discord: raven_vg
  • Recruitment Officer: Böundless | Discord: boundless828

Bumpski! Come join a guild full of amazing people!

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The horns of Valhalla call for you Champions! Join use in greatness!

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Bumping up with new needs- High priority need for some healers to join the crew :slight_smile: BUT all are welcome to inquire!

Discord is Boundless828

Hello. I’m currently looking for a guild. i started season 3 on a different toon but decided to go back to the priest yesterday. Working on gear and such but would love to see about joining

Heck yeah we could use a priest, hit my up on discord Boundless828 and we can chat more :slight_smile:

Wednesday bumpski!

Hi I added you in discord! Looking forward to talking with you!

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Core team is filling up quick with awesome peeps! Looking primarily for range dps for our raid team! But all are welcome!

Friday bump with an update on needs and progress- Were 3/9H after just 1 week! Would love some more healers and dps to help round out this awesome team.

If you’re looking for a laid back guild with a progression mindset who don’t take themselves too seriously- you should check us out.

The “Day after Christmas and Ive had too much to eat and drink” bump!

The after Christmas and I’m still looking for an active Guild entry. Been back to the Game for a month now, only thing I’m really struggling to find is an active fun Community. Sounds like this could be the one. excitement building up

No Idea what this character is, and on the phone so can’t figure it out. I’m allfatherice a Ice Mage.


I would love to chat more! Feel free to message me on discord Boundless828

“I joined and my credit score went up 125 points.” This is a testimonial from someone and totally not made up.
Good people with the coolest mostest smart DK in his house.
Join now for free, while supplies last.


I can attest that this is a great environment for people who want to experience end game but dont want the added stress of being perfect at everything.

As a new recruit they have treated me as if i was a long time friend that just returned to play.

They regularly run m+ and help people with ksm progression, raids are fun full of jokes, no one takes themselves too seriously, and there inclusive to friends and family.

10 out of 10 would highly recommend


473 Disc/Shadow Priest here. Looking for an active guild.

Hey Antom,
I’d love to chat, feel free to add me on Discord: Boundless828

Someone stole my credit card and made my credit score go down 125 points
 send help.


I am interested in trying out but i would like to play a RET Pally. He has a 473 Gear score . My BT is Blood#1210

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Added you on bnet if youre still interested!