[A or H] Returning player LFG

Greetings! I’m looking to return to the game, and I tend to find my enjoyment of the game matches my social activity. So I’m looking for a guild to spend my time with in game. Just a bit of what I’m looking for…

  1. Server is unimportant. Faction is also unimportant. I might lean a little toward Alliance, but it’s not a deal breaker.

  2. I don’t see myself raiding. Raiding tends to burn me out quickly. I’ll definitely run LFR, and I feel like M+ wouldn’t be out of the question.

  3. I’m primarily looking for a social guild, but I do enjoy RP. An RP guild would be a definite plus!

  4. I’m not a huge fan of mega-guilds. I’d prefer a guild of <100.

I know that’s a bit of a laundry list. If you feel your guild fits the bill, let me know either in this topic, or you can find me on Discord at foobiscuit11#2724. Hope to see you in Azeroth!


Welcome back, Vest.

It’s awesome you know what you’re looking for, and found the words and heart to post in here in the flood of looking for key/ raid guilds and slots. It’s rare to find this mentality- I usually tell myself that the golden lurkers- lurk… they don’t post. Hopefully they go on hunts for more information if something intrigues them. As with most humans, we may project what we do as the normal :innocent: #whistles.

Because our guild doesn’t have a target in game focus, we have no standard recruitment. It’s word of mouth, and try our luck out here- admitting- we don’t have the numbers for a lot of group stuff. People do leave to progress further in the game. But that’s ok. It’s our time, people need to go for it! and we support that. All things equal in game, we focus on getting to know you. #souls.not.slots If we can help, good. If we can’t- no worries. We’ll get there, when we get there.

I’ve rambled… and knowing me, you likely main a paladin… because that’s what the witch attracts. FYI… the witch does not do paladin invites - #WAP witches against paladins. However other arrangements can be made :slight_smile:

Good Luck in your search! Finding the right home makes all the difference!

guildsofwow dot com slash the-dingus-brigade

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Its always good to know what you want going into a place where you will have a second digital home, which is why I would like to extend an invitation out to you from [Cursed Guild]. Where we aren’t just a Horde, but a home.

I think we are a good fit for all of your points except for number 3. At least on the RP side. I do have some friends on my list who RP, but as far as our guild goes we are largely quirky enough being ourselves that we can keep each other entertained.

We have casual raiders in our guild who just sign up when they want to and do LFR and normal pugs from time to time. Our Key runners are a fun group as well, so no matter your experience we can find people who are at the same level, or can provide tips and pointers.

our discord is a little larger than our guild in-game but neither has a population of over 60.

If this at all sounds good then I would love to try and convince you further about how great we are (not that I am biased or anything)

Please feel free to reach out to me on Discord or BNet
Discord: Multispork#8293
BNet: Multispork#1187

Good Luck, I hope you find your home

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