[A] <No Mercy Mafia> World PVP

Who we are:

No Mercy Mafia was formed during the original TBC expansion on Emerald Dream US. Over the years, No Mercy Mafia became one of the top Wpvp guilds on Alliance and fought countless battles against the horde. No Mercy Mafia was recreated for WoW classic with many of the same core values as during its years of success. The guild is made up of new and old mafia members who share a common love for open world battles against the horde. As we move into the TBC Classic era, we are looking to expand our roster and continue our crusade against the horde of Grobbulus.

What we do:

No Mercy Mafia is a World Pvp guild first and foremost. We are a Pvp guild second. We run several WPvP raids during the week, generally around 9pm ST (Pacific). We also hold several KOS hunts a week where we hunt down horde who have disrespected our guild or guildmates and make them rethink their transgressions against us. Beginning in TBC we will be running several BG premades and arena teams to make sure our members have access to the best PvP rewards from each season. The rest of our time is spent defending guildmates and responding to horde attacks on alliance cities/players.

What we don’t do:

No Mercy Mafia is not a leveling guild or a raiding guild. You shouldn’t join us if you are expecting to get power leveled up to max level or want to be a part of a guild that raids every week. If you would like to raid some we do have contacts in other guilds who may be able to fit Mafia members into their runs.

Who we are looking for:

Anyone who loves to Pvp and especially World Pvp. If you would drop whatever you are doing to protect a guildmate or fight off a horde attack, you will fit in well with us.


IG: Slyx Discord: Slyx#6292 BTag: NXP#11457
IG: Jaxel Discord: Jax#2104

Join our discord for more guild information and our guild rules: discord.gg/9QvVpK6


What’s your RP backstory?


Are you on Grobbulus? What’s your in-game character name?

My name has been cursed, never to be spoken. You may refer to me as Jynxx


Well Jynxx, It’s probably for the best that you keep your identity a secret… For there are much worse things in this world then being cursed… Like making the Mafia’s list.


Our RP backstory is something along the lines of “They killed the wrong person” and we have been seeking justice ever since.


Emerald Dream had some of the best World PVP back in the day… Come help us make Grobbulus the second coming of Emerald Dream’s World PVP scene.


TBC is almost here. It’s time. Join us.


A few clips from the last year.

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All classic videos need to be accompanied by the Linkin Park or other music from that time, this wasn’t bad.


Haha… I just used what I had. Didn’t feel like downloading some new music just for this.

Still growing. If you are into wpvp, come check us out.


These guys are fantastic. A legendary guild from a legendary age of WoW. If your into WPVP, give them a shot!


We’re always recruiting those who love PvP.

Welcome No Mercy Mafia!

Redwood Tribes looks forward to seeing you on the battleground. We are the same guild from Emerald Dream but a different chieftain. If you want to set up RP-PVP events with Redwood Tribes, reach out to us on the big Grobbulus Discord. The folks to reach out to: Ginjojo, Okwaho, or myself.

With that said, we are a medium to heavy RP guild on Grobbulus. We will of course ask kindly of the alliance not to camp RP events or any premade RP-PVP events that both sides work to set up. In return, I ask my guild members to not camp the alliance RP events.

Again, welcome to Grob, glad to see more dreamers here.


Ayo Ayashe.

No Mercy Mafia is an original day 1 Grobbulus guild. We don’t usually schedule Wpvp fights, we prefer it to happen organically and escalate how ever it should. Putting rules on wpvp just takes some of the fun out of it. We do not go out of our way to grief RP events and we wholely support everyones decision to RP. With that said, if there is (a) horde in a pvp zone who we are hunting due to their transgressions against NMM or our allies, we will kill them and possibly camp them regardless of whether or not they are RPing.

We look forward to seeing the tribe on the battlefield as well, hopefully more so outside of the safety of Thunderbluff. We also look forward to making Grobb Wpvp as good as it was on Emerald Dream in the good ol days.


It’s pretty dope that there’s a bit of ED going on here.


Can’t wait for the fights in HFP and Halaa.

Are you playing again?

I plan on but unsure if I’ll stick around. I lasted until… I think P3 for classic then went back to retail. Love the world of classic, love the combat of live. Can’t have both unfortunately, at least not until MoP Classic. :stuck_out_tongue: