[A] - Nevermore 5/8M 8/8H (2 night/6 hours) Recruiting

<Nevermore> is looking for players that want to see end game content with a quality group of players without the drama and stress of a big guild. We have a long history of hardcore raiding but have scaled back as members have gotten older.

We are looking for former hardcore players who want to be in a more casual environment but still see meaningful progression or newer players that feel they have something to offer but struggle to get into higher end guilds.

Currently 5/8M & 8/8H Eternal Palace
8/9M in Battle for Dazar'alor

Currently recruiting (flexible for 1-2 dps total):

Havoc Demon Hunter
Balance Druid
Retribution Paladin
Frost/Unholy Death Knight
Our raiding schedule is (all times EST)

Thursday/Monday - 8:00pm -11:00pm (main raid)


If interested please contact Xenostab (Xenos#4932) or Gladetalon (Glade#1825) or simply apply at our website (nevermoreturalyon . com)
Thanks for making this on our server thread. Looking for ranged dps atm.
Could use a boomkin and other good ranged.
a warlock would b good
3/8 bb
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Looking for more veteran raiders looking for a more laid back atmosphere that can still progress!

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come join us! Looking for veteran raiders to help us progress through this tier.

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Still looking! Free mythic boss is down!

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Grats you guys ! :slight_smile:

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onto heroic Jaina, come get AotC with us and head into mythic this tier.

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still looking for quality players to head into mythic with!

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Join them! Make Turalyon the best ever!

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To the top!

AotC complete, looking for more for mythic!

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Killed a new boss - still looking for a few for our mythic core!

Grats guys!

Grong down as well - catching up now that we have a roster again. Come be one of our last core mythic raiders!

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Grong is third for Alliance isn’t it. :smiley: Confused me for a minute. grats!

Have fun on Opulence!