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Work In Progress (WIP) is a family-friendly Christian-oriented guild on the Mankrik server (Alliance). So what does that mean? How does a Christian guild differ from a regular guild? Ideally, all guilds should be helpful and kind to each other - so in that regard, a Christian guild shouldn’t be any different.

Firstly the guild is profanity-free and all discussion is to be kept PG, so it’s a safe place to play with your whole family. Secondly, too many people today hear the word “Christian” and immediately assume things like “judgemental”, “intolerant”, “zealot”, or “evangelist”. This is one of the main reasons that I created this guild: to combat these negative stereotypes. The purpose of this guild is not to convert, condemn, or judge.

Although I have called it a “Christian” guild, this guild is truly for anyone that recognizes that they are, as the name says, a “Work In Progress”. It is for anyone that understands that life’s truest, most fulfilling purpose is to work on ourselves, not others; to recognize that our entire life is a journey in introspection and self-improvement.

We are all of us, broken. So this guild is for people to be there for each other. To help each other, whether with in-game issues, or real-life issues. I’ve created this guild to be a haven for anyone seeking shelter. If you need advice or help, or just seek to be a better version of yourself, you are more than welcome here.

All members are expected to try at all times to be the best version of themselves. Of course, people can get angry when someone steals something in a group; of course, people lose control or get angry occasionally and say hurtful things. No one is expected to be perfect. However, it is the purpose of the guild to show others what a good Christian should be: someone that doesn’t preach how to behave but rather leads by example.

If you think that this sounds like the kind of guild you’d like to call home, please message Dudeguybro (weird name for a Christian Guild Master, I’m aware) for an invite, or if I’m not online, feel free to send an in-game mail. It’s my hope to fill officer slots within the month, and start getting weekly Bible-study groups set up in the nearest future as well for any interested in attending. If you have any raid-leading experience, please let me know as well, as it’s my hope to get into raiding as soon as possible as well!

Looking forward to seeing you in-game!


looking to join character name is Hislead

Wanted to give this post a bump as we are still recruiting and are in need of more folks for MC raids!

Are you guys still accepting people? My wife and I are looking to get into classic and would love to join an active christian guild in classic.

oh darn and mankrik is my horde server :frowning:
i do have a 60 paladin i could transfer though

Work in Progress is moving to Pagle. If you are looking to join us, check there first.

Are you guys still active? How many active players do you guys have?

Hey, Radnyc, >Work in Progress> has actually moved to the Pagle (A) server. We are very much active over there and are excited as we prep for the release of Classic WotLK. If you are still interested in joining just let me know.