[A] Looking for raiding/m+ Guild

What’s up everyone. I made a new Lock on KT a few days ago. Hit 60 a few weeks ago and am currently around 238 ilvl looking for an active M+/Raiding guild.

Looking to do some M+/normal raids for gear and then join a guild’s raid team. Doesn’t really matter to me where you are, progression-wise, but Ideally somewhere between 6/11H and AOTC. I pick up on raid fights quickly. Can do 2-3 nights per week EST.

I was: KSM Season 1 and 3/10M Natria. Stopped playing before the next raid/m+ tier came out and just started playing again. Also leveling a DK/Paladin.

Discord is: Winter Is Here#5211

Apologize if we are late to the meeting but From HR is new to the server and would be interested in talking to you about joining our team. At the moment we are focusing on M+ but plan on starting a raid group for season 4. We had AoTC each season on our old server.