A little confused about Combat Log change

Will this change affect the ability of addons like Recount/Details? DBM? Threat Meters?

I don’t quite understand what the blue post meant by “not affecting text output for raid parses”.

Can anyone clarify?

Basically parsing combatlog data for purposes such as uploading them to warcraftlogs will remain unaffected as its a different system.

But you are correct in thinking that other addons that rely on combat log to operate such as recount, dbm etc will be affected; my raid for example earlier today, not aware of the changes that took place, were left scratching our heads since none of the recount data matched.

I think back in the day addons such as swstats/recount etc used chat channels to synchronise data between users to get accurate data-it might have to come down to that once again, if its still possible with the current API, if these changes end up being permanent.

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Can someone link what is being discussed here? It sounds like changes to break addons like Spy?

I would imagine there would be someway to make it so friendly have a longer range for the log than enemies. That’s all it would take, but the fix for spy was desperately needed for people who aren’t 60 yet.

They changed the combat log range to 50 yards, so spy doesn’t detect a player unless they are withing range of viewing. This has helped levelers in the 50+ zones complete quests, since they aren’t being detected 150+ yards away anymore, but it also makes it so damage meters don’t register friendlies outside of 50 yards, so no ones meters will match unless they are all within a 50 yard radius.

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Yep I just read it, hopefully it nerf’s spy enough without impacting legit gameplay uses for combat log.

And this is why you have log parses instead of relying on dps meters.

It was a very bad solution to breaking the spy mod. Nobody cared about it but rogues that wanted to gank players, But they complained really loud and blizz like they always do catered to the loudest voices instead of sticking to the #nochanges and authentic vanilla concept the community begged blizz to uphold. classic is slowly turning into bfa because blizz gives into the playerbase instead making choices based on what’s best for the health of the game. Gamers are the most entitled people, thinking everything should be their way cause they pay money for the game.


This isn’t a nerf. The blue post actually says this adjustment is in line with the reference build.
Even if it’s sole intention is to affect spy. They’ve made it better for all involved. Except rogues. Lol.
I’m glad it’s no longer picking up people across the zone. The beep didn’t even mean anything half the time and became a drowned out background noise.
Now. You know they are within 50 yards and not just flying overhead on a FP.
I’d say that’s a buff. Not a nerf.
Anywho as others have pointed out it will affect meters if raids are spread out beyond 50 yards. Boomkins rejoice! Stay away from the rest of the raid and you can “top” your meter. Lol
This is good for everyone. Except rogues. Which I believe was one of the main reasons for this addon.
Blizz did this one right anyways.

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Tell that to the people not 60 yet trying to quest. The roaming groups could detect you from way out of combat/target range and split and hunt you down. You can quest again without being zerged every 5 seconds unless you’re in Burning Steppes or Searing Gorge

I don’t care what the rogues had to say, I was tired of being detected while being way off the beaten path, and so were many others. Besides, this gives them a “hard line” distance to stealth before so they can get the opener, they don’t have to run to the next state over just to stealth without being detected.

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Blizz’s official statement on the matter. As you can see. This is closer to the reference client.
This wasn’t to break spy. Nor did it even come close. It’s actually more useful now because you know they are within 50 yards.
Not sure how some are thinking that’s a nerf.
Before it would sometimes populate a list of 10+ names. Most of the time those players were no where to be seen. Like I said. The beep became a background noise that didn’t mean anything.
I turnes spy off because it became annoying and mostly useless. That’s no longer the case. Now when it beeps I’ll know someone is almost within firing range.
Sure doesn’t feel like a nerf. Lol.

A much better solution is to break spy and leave the combat logs alone.

But that’s just one man’s opinion.

I didn’t see that post. I thought blizz was just catering to the whiners again. IDK why they didn’t just hire those guys from the nos private server to help make classic like vanilla was since they did a great job from what i hear from private server players.

Well. Yes and no. Nost had it’s own set of issues being what it was. Some of the posts hailing Nost as the greatest thing ever are quite exaggerated imo.
Yes. It scratched an itch and was quite fun. Classic does so as well. It was just never going to be what vanilla was. Still fun. It is what it is.
Just like classic being what it is has it’s own set of issues and every single Vanilla like server has their own.
I mean. They didn’t even need to hire them. They brought them the blue prints and a lot of notes concerning various issues they ran into

it’s to nerf the spy addon all the rogues were sooking about.

How would that help?

To break spy you have to break the ability for addons to read the combat log. Breaking spy requires the breaking of dps meters, threat trackers, dbm, and basically any other addon that draws from the combat log.

Which is basically what they did. They reduced the range of the combat log to 50yds meaning that outside of 50yds you’re no longer parsing friendly threat, damage, etc.

This. Still trying to find Spy threads pre-Classic. Of course, it existed for over a decade and none of the people complaining now paid attention to it. :roll_eyes:

No one is crying, cut the toxic internet outrage bull.

Here is the deal about Spy. It has become a REQUIREMENT. Rogues aren’t the targets anymore solely, Rogues now use Spy to find victims. So now if you do NOT use spy you are at a disadvantage. Spy has become a required addon.

This is the issue with spy. I now return you to your uneducated toxic outrage behavior.

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Cut the lying bull. You’re crying. Anything beyond that is a lie, toxic waste.

You’re uneducated on the topic. Never used the addon. Barely understand how it works. Try researching instead of lying.

You ignore other addons that do similar and bandwagon cry over one. Here’s an idea. Shut up and start researching. Your own toxic tears might stop. Also if you cry about toxicity because you can’t live outside your basement it might be a good idea to stop playing online games since you’re your own worst enemy.

Thanks for the reply! Followup:

How will parsing (e.g. to warcraftlogs) be unaffected? If the combat log cannot detect over 50 yards, then whatever is parsed from it will be incorrect if raid members stood more than 50 yards away at any point, right?

I’d be lying if I were to say that I 100% understand the specifics but text outputs for raid parses use a completely different system to relay the data recorded. I would like to believe that Blizzard is truthful about it and so far, from very limited personal testing, it seems to still be working as intended.