[A] Kel'Thuzad <Moons Out Goons Out> 10/10H 1/10M - Sat/Sun Raid nights LFM DPS/Tanks/Heals

10/10H [1/10M] SoD - Recruiting for late night/weekend raiding 6PM-10PM Server Sat/Sun (7-11PM Central). LFM exceptional players to fill our mythic roster. A lot of us love to do keys when we aren’t raiding.

Hi there Seymourbobs, I’m the Co-GM of Aristocracy on KT. We’re about 10 active atm with some trickling in here and there. Curious if we could merge into y’all . Feels like it’s near impossible to recruit these days. As far as raiding we’re only about 5/10 heroic but that’s just due to numbers and not having consistent people showing up. Add me on Battle.net