[A] Indoubtedteddly Fan Club - 7/10M LF DPS

The Indoubtedteddly Fan Club formerly, the Everdreaming Fan Club is recruiting! We raid with a short 2 night schedule for those that do not want to compromise their real life schedules, while still efficiently progressing.

Raid times are Friday and Saturday, 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM Server (Mountain) Time.

We are currently seeking:
- (6) DPS

Consideration will be given to roles not listed above commensurate with the quality of the player.

For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to add: Wolfiee#11929, Connor93#1805, or Darvos#1994

Bump. Need DPS players. Spots available.

Bump. Still need a healer and a few DPS.

Bump. Need 2-3 DPS for progression. Currently working on Council.

Woah! Stage 4 council is a great time to apply imo =)

Need some DPS for Sludge prog. Best pull is 10%.

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