A Huge Thank you to Blizzard! <3

Thank you for doing something during these crazy times! We appreciate you weighing all the options to make this decision.


Can’t wait for herb market to crash.

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You mean become more reasonable? lol
And in regards to PvP, you’re right I will miss knowing I’m seeing every potential person, but it beats sitting in a 6 hour queue, missing raids, having to have all clients loaded all day, minimal breaks within 30 minutes in real life, relying on 39 others to also make raid with 6 hour queues, the list goes on


Dude. Stop. You’re posting this in every thread.


I just came out of a thread where a real life family was separated because of these changes. Oh such perilous times.

It’s already happening.

160g/per to 50g/per… that didn’t take long.

just report and move on

Your like a dog that just got given a scrap from the table and now you think your master is so good to you.

If they didn’t rent cheap cloud servers to host the game it would be possible to have everyone online at the same time no issues.

The problem is the budget amazon clouds that blizzard rents can’t hand more than 100 players in a zone so they have to implement “layering” technology to cover this fact so that no one realizes just how bad quality their servers are.

This is a blizzard created problem, and your praising them for coming up with a less than satisfactory solution, this is like blizzard pushing you down a flight of stairs and you thanking them when they call the ambulance.

I agree with you OP (if you mean layering). Blizzard should be thanked for adding it on needed servers. Corona is spreading and the real world has changed forever. Blizzard should do as much as possible to let people play their characters to unwind and tune out for a while.

Post on your classic main or gtfo.

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