[A] <Hardly Noobish> 8/8 (H) Uldir

(Rumble) #1
<Hardly Noobish> 8/8 (H) We're a social, active and laid-back guild looking to bolster our ranks for BfA. Plenty of banter in discord if that's your kind of thing, although we don't hesitate to get serious when it's called for. We currently looking for active raiders to get a taste of Mythic.

Raid Times - (Server Time)
Wednesday 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Sunday 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Mythic+ are run daily, involving everyone and occasional fun runs.

For more information you can contact - Rumble#11415

(Rumble) #2
9/9(H) ToS

(Hellminx) #3
What are you looking for?

(Rumble) #4
Add me on btag Hellminx - Rumble#11153

(Rumble) #5
11/11(H) ABT

(Rumble) #6
Glory of the Argus Raider Achievement run next week!

(Thovar) #7
Raid Times have changed.
We now raid
Wednesday: 7pm-10pm ST
Sunday: 7pm -10pm ST

(Vexallis) #8
Are you guys still looking for players?

(Juiçer) #9
Yes we are Vexallis sorry about the late reply if ur are still interested in joining us please contact either myself or search the guild and ask someone if an officer is online.

(Fras) #10
It appears we have a need for full time healers heading into BFA... sign up. It's a very talkative guild, and quite friendly to all

(Haryem) #11
Hi still looking for guild members?

(Sinaria) #12
Necro threat? feel free to msg him in game. we are only 7/8 N atm. another week of normal.

(Pummel) #13
09/09/2018 05:23 AMPosted by Haryem
Hi still looking for guild members?

Whisper or add me! We're always looking for active players.


(Pummel) #14
AOTC has been achieved, we're now looking to get a 20 man for Mythic.