😉[A/H]Pensive Large Dual Faction Community Guild

We are a dual faction guild welcoming community-minded members. We are family friendly (PG13) and provide a non-discriminatory environment with friendly players and mature officers.
We provide dual faction Discord, guild repairs, raffles, raiding, PvP and smiles. Rank advancement based on participation and just overall friendly attitude.

Pensive strives to be mature and chill guild where guildies get away from stressors of real life. As such, we keep chat clear of vulgarity, begging for speed leveling, gold, carrying, politics, religion, and other toxic topics. New members must be in agreement with this should they join.

We are laid back in the respect that all members play what they want - how they want, when they want - with the same full guild support, friendship and camaraderie as any Raider or Leadership Member. Members are helpful, kind, supportive and fun. Leadership and Officers are mature and responsive. Horde & Alliance – Scheduled Events, Achievements, Normal/Heroic Raids, M+, PVP and old content done regularly.

Horde Progression Team (Normal/Heroic): T/Th 9-11p
Horde Progression Team (AOTC): Sat 12pm-3pm Bnet Briar#1421
Horde Learning Team (Normal): Sun 12pm-3 Open to all
Horde Rated BG's.

Check the link for more info on the guilds:

Alliance side:
contact a guildmember via /who Pénsive (to get the accent press alt and type 130)
Horde side:
contact a guildmember via /who Pensive
Either side:
Recruitment Officer Bondra #11498 Assistant GM Aschien @ Bnet Aschien#11798
Assistant GM Docreen @ Bnet Frostyfeet#196484
GM Briar @ Bnet Briar#1421
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Hey not a member of the guild but I did raid with them on the Saturday raid and they are a good bunch of peeps. If you are looking for a good casual guild these are the peeps for you! Much love guys and good luck
<3 Khal! Hope to see you Saturday again.
Pensive is the guild I spent 5 years looking for. Helpful people, No haters, people are always on so you're never alone. Talking in chat is encouraged not discouraged. Always something to do but you can do your own thing if you like. The officers actually pay attention to what's going on so there isn't any flaming. If you are looking for a pleasant playing environment this is your guild.
Pensive has a laid-back environment that really tries to focus on being positive and cultivating an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Members are warm, inviting, and helpful. At the end of the day, we look at WoW as a game that can be enjoyed with others, and that's the priority we have.
After my old guild on Dalaran disbanded, I was left guildless for a fair amount of time. Naturally, when a friend referred me to Pénsive, I leapt at the chance to regain the guild perks. As I have come to learn since joining, Pénsive as a guild goes miles and miles beyond that. The guild creates a stress-free, open environment and creates a friendly atmosphere you can easily associate within. Everyone is always very supportive of you when you complete any achievements, and they are always willing to help. Pénsive has been everything I wanted from a guild and more.
I'm gonna start off with I have been in more then just WoW(Guild Wars 1&2, ESO, Neverwinter, LotR, KotOR, and a few others) and have never found a guild as open and welcoming as this one. If you need any info it'll get dumped on you lap from multiple people and it can even help you understand different views. With Pensive you can truly be a new kid on the block and walk to same road we all walked at one point and not feel like you've asked dumb questions or get criticized for what you choose to do.
its my guild of choice, and I hope it can become yours, new or vet, young or old, A or Z you're all welcome.

P.S. if that wasnt enough, just remember we got an Igor.....
Been a player on and off since Vanilla, and I've never been part of such a great guild!
Very Very helpful, kind, and fun guild to be a part of. Theres always somebody online to help or just talk with, its very laid back and encourages having FUN playing WoW. The GM and Assistant GM are both awesome, and super helpful. Nobody is made to feel left out or like they cant ask any question they may have. And Gchat is always being used!! Its only getting bigger and better as it grows! New or Not, Young or Old, No matter your play style its the guild to be in!!
My favorite guild so far :) everyone's so nice and helpful
<Pénsive> is an ever growing guild that I am so glad I joined. After searching for months for a guild I could connect with and not feel left out of, <Pénsive> came to my rescue.

In my old guilds, I felt ignored and unappreciated so I bounced from guild to guild just looking for a borderline decent one, but <Pénsive> is so much more than that. We are a helpful, kind, eager and welcoming guild that everyone should give a shot. This guild experience has been unforgettable and has my dedication until the end of WoW.

Give <Pénsive> a try. If your current guild is not treating you how you know you should be treated and appreciated, whisper our team. We are always happy to help and recruit. We want everyone to have a great guild experience together with us.

KatyaMattel - Dalaran
I've only been playing WOW since August of 2017. An like all of you ,Have come to enjoy the game.
The last guild I was in switched servers, and a lot of us were left homeless. After a long search for a new guild, some friends and I came to Pensive. There we found everyone to be more than helpful and polite, an hence we all became friends.
The G/M, (Briarthorns) and officers are very knowledgeable an willing to go out of there way to help, as is most of the guild.
Having people from all over the world makes for a very good attendance ratio, at different times of the day/night, for questing, grouping,and enjoyable conversations.
Well, I'm actually new to WoW to be honest, just a month a half. Being new to this environment, I instantly got invited by a random small guild and to tell you the truth, the experience wasn't very nice. Then after that, I convinced myself that I would be guildless for the rest of my life playing WoW, but I saw this recruitment message. There's one word that caught my attention and its the word "smiles". That immediately urged me to join and the rest is history. The guild chat is always fun to read and when a drama occured, it got resolved immediately. So I guess, I'll be staying to this guild for good. I've seen the smiles from the day that I can only cast blink and to even this day that I'm able to launch a meatball in the sky. So as long as I can see that, pensive will be my home.

PS:This is my main and my alts have aoi in them. Just so you all know. xD
i've been playing wow for a very long time and, since cata, i played mostly alone since i was not able to find a place that i liked. but now, i'm truly happy to have found Pensive :) i may be really quiet, but i have no shame to say that they are all great people and that i have great time being with them^^

For Pensive/Pénsive !
Ever since joining Pénsive, I havent had to worry so much about drama. I feel laid back and I enjoy the game content and the guild with ease and with friendships within the guild. Its members liven up the rading process allowing us to have fun with the content and everyone walks away happy and satisfied with our raiding accomplishments. Come join Pénsive and enjoy playing wow your way, without all the drama. Help it improve to be the best guild that it is capable of being.
I have been in wow on and off since vanilla, leaving for periods but always coming back. I was guild-less for quite a long time, as I had not found a good fit. This is exactly the type of guild I had been looking for - friendly, helpful, social, laid back.
Just a fantastic group of people having fun, who appreciate guildies for who they are, and how they choose to play, enjoying the game and each other.
Come join us!
So about Pensive is hands down my favorite iv'e been in over the years, i've been around since classic dabbling around in all types of guilds over the years, which wound me up just being a one-man band so to speak, I was farting around near thunder bluff when i saw that name pensive in trade chat i just knew that was it.When i started to talk to the delightful (mistress briar) The Gm, we instantly clicked which was odd for me.So i knew i had to be apart of this experience, As our members grew we had become close like a family.

The guild it's self is very laid back, no stress environment
We do raid casually on the weekend, along with older raid/dungeon content during the week.
We're open to everyone whether you're new or long-time player, several experienced people in our ranks ready to answer your questions.
We have a lot of perks unlocked! We have Sunday Raffles aswell normally.

You Can't put a Damper on our Smiles....and Cookies.
You can message me @ : Nocturnal87#11588
Join us!
Great guild, helped me out a lot starting.
I have been playing off and on since 2004 and I have never met a more friendly helpful and active guild and I am proud to be part of such an awesome group
I originally loved WoW because of a guild I joined many many years ago back in BC. That guild disbanded not long after MoP came out. That guild was like family (so much so, I am still friends with a lot of them IRL. Great to chat to everyone, always helpful and gave great advice and just genuinely nice to have a conversation with.

I joined Pensive a couple of weeks (maybe 3?) ago and it has got me back into WoW. The people are amazing. It is like I have found my forever guild family again.

Looking forward to seeing what the future holds with this awesome guild and group of people!
Fairly new to WoW and I came across this guild, it's be great everyone is super friendly on both the Horde and Alliance side :)