[A & H] <Currently Online> both casuals and raiders of all difficulties

Currently Online

US - Sargeras - Alliance
US - Illidan - Horde

Since 2014, Currently Online has taken pride in providing a fun, drama-free home for thousands of members. Representing both factions, CO has a spot for every person no matter their allegiance. Whether you’re only interested in WoW, or you’d like to enjoy our other clans like Diablo, FFXIV, or Runescape, you’ll find a home here at CO.

For Raiders

  • An active Alliance Heroic AOTC team
  • Several Horde Heroic AOTC teams
  • An active Horde Mythic team pushing for Cutting Edge

We have normal teams on both factions to help newer raiders learn how to raid, and more experienced raiders learn new classes, gear alts, and experience raiding in a very laid back environment.

Our Heroic and Mythic teams run PUG raids from time to time and we have weekly normal PUG raids, so if you don’t want to commit to a team there’s still plenty of opportunities that fit your schedule.

Check out all of our WoW teams here: https://currentlyonline.org/wow-teams

For Mythic+ Enthusiasts

Our raiders are regularly pushing keys up to and past +20s. If you don’t have a regular group you’re running with you can respond to any of the pings people post asking for DPS, Heals, or a Tank and make new friends and find a new push group.

We have high key pushers active on both sides, including those of you struggling to find keys on Alliance (like I used to!).

For Social Players

Discord is our hub of activity – we chat throughout the workday and into the late night about WoW, life, and everything. We regularly have people looking for groups for leveling, timewalking, Mythic+, and out-of-game events like Among Us and game nights.

We know that sometimes WoW gets tiring or boring, which is why we’re also a thriving community across a bunch of games including:

  • Minecraft
  • Diablo
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • OSRS
  • The latest flavor of the month game (Among Us, Genshin Impact, etc)

We have holiday parties, monthly events, and often will just shoot the breeze on voice chat while doing entirely unrelated things.

Come Join Us Today

Discord: https://discord.gg/62cHS5PQYr

If you have any questions, hop into our Discord and ping a @Warcraft Recruiter , and they’ll reach out to you as soon as they can.

We don’t require an application or interview process, so if you’re ready to join just hop into our Discord, grab the @WoW role to unlock the WoW channels, and ask for an in-game invite.

Even if you’re not on our WoW server you’re welcome to be part of our community, join our teams, and become Currently Online.


9.2 is here, and we’re having a ton of fun with all of the new people that joined.

Our teams are gearing up and prepping to dive into the new raid next week. Come join us for fun, for raiding, or just to relax!

Hi, this is Qigongjinn, a recruitment officer for Currently Online. We’re having a blast gearing up for the new raid in 9.2, and we’re about to start our March M+ tournament. We’d love to have you join us! To see what it’s all about and see how you can join in the fun, hop on over to https://discord.gg/62cHS5PQYr.

There’s a friendly guildie there to greet you almost any hour of day or night!

Come make some new friends :slight_smile:

We’re having lots of fun progressing through the new raid, and you should come join us!

Our Sunday night normal raid team is looking to add a few bodies to their ranks who want to check out the new raid content in a chill environment. Just don’t mind the swap-blasting or a jerk priest GM pulling you everywhere when you’re trying to DPS the boss.

There is usually alot of laughter in our raids. Come join in.

Come join us as we continue to progress at all levels of content, including the new Timeworn Keystones as well as Sepulcher!

Come join us while we raid in SoF, have fun with cross faction in 9.2.5, and get ready for the new expansion!

So excited for cross-faction as I have many wonderful guild friends Alliance side who I rarely see because I’m currently laser focused on my Horde main! Come join us for 9.2, 9.2.5, and beyond!

Where have all the good raiders gone
And where are all the gods?
Where’s the streetwise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?

Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed
Late at night, I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need

I need a hero! And that could be you! Come drop by our discord and see what we are all about!

Cross-Faction is coming up. We are excited to combine our Alliance & Horde raiding teams. Come join a bunch of fun folks on Discord who like to help each other get KSM before goofing around in 15+ keys.

Alliance Heroic Teams, Horde Heroic & Mythic Teams, along with a weekly Normal raid to help newcomers to raiding experience the fun that can be had.

Come check us out on Discord. Bonus points if you ask for some Rat Keys.

Come join the fun in World of Warcraft, now with 2-5 times the number of Rat Keys due to cross-faction! If disappointing your raid leader weekly or twice a week is a favorite hobby of yours, this is the guild for you! If big pumping is a favorite hobby of yours, this is ALSO the guild for you!

Find out what you’re “fated” to do in SL Season 4 with the Currently Online community! Are you gonna duke it out in the arena? “Boogey down” in Castle Nathria for some awesome transmog? or beat the timer and rise to Keystone Master? Currently Online is a supportive and fun community that can help you achieve any or all of these!

We’re having a great time in the raids with affixes and doing M+ content! Come join us! Word has it there may be a M+ tournament in September! Have fun working toward your Restoration Deathwalker with Currently Online! To join the guild, simply type /who Currently Online in the chat box and whisper any member to request a guild invitation.

The great rat race tournament is starting in two weeks! Members of Currently Online will be leveling new toons, and competing to see who can push the highest keys during the tournament week! We already have 20 signups, you could be number 21!

I’ll be in the Great Rat Race on this toon. I’m excited to play my warlock in some more challenging content with new affixes. If you want to dip your toe into M+ content for the first time or just try out a new alt in M+, join our community discord, and check out #warcraft-announcements pinned post for the code to join our community as well as the rules for the Great Rat Race, starting Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

The tournament is coming to a close! With almost 40 registered toons, this was an alta-palooza!

As we near the end of Shadowlands, our end of expansion events are starting to kick off which are always a fun time. Little MS Paint showdowns and other shenanigans along with working on getting all interested parties their Fated Raid Achievements and mounts.

We are always looking for new people to come hang out and participate in the fun. Come join us on discord and select those WoW Roles to get in on the action.

Getting ready for Dragonflight? Wrapping up Shadowlands? Leveling up a new main? What about all of the above, like me! Currently Online on Illidan for Horde and Sargeras for Alliance is a great and social place to grow, learn, and just have a blast making new friends. Come enjoy our end of expansion events with door prizes and virtual food and drink (real optional).

We are starting up another tournament! This one is based off of Raider.io’s “Break the Meta”