[A] Group of 5 LF Guild/Cooperation


We are a group of 5 currently looking for a guild to join. We are all mid 30’s RL friends that recently picked WoW as our new game to play.

The majority of us play regularly, and the other 2 are on a few nights a week.

We are mostly interested in Tor’ghast, Mythic dungeons, old raids, and possibly some raiding/pvp.

Group composition is:

Paladin, tri spec
Warrior, DPS
Demon Hunter, Tank/dps
Priest, mostly shadow
Shaman, healer/ele

We joined about a month ago, and have all hit 60 and ready for mythic dungeons.

We do currently have a guild made, mostly for shared bank and the Mount buff. If individuals/others with a similar mindset would like to join that would be fine as well.

Post was made on my Alt by accident.

Hey, I think our situation may be similar. About 10 of us, about 6 play almost every day. Hit me up in game.

lol. post was made with my alt by mistake.

Might be a good fit for you guys. We do raid 2/10M but we also do a lot of mythic+, some pvp and we’ve been doing some fun old raid achievement runs lately.
We’re a pretty late night guild, our raids are 6pm-10pm server on sat and sun.
My bnet is Eshara#1538 if you want any more info

Not a lvl 14 priest lol.