[A] Grey Horse Army - Now Recruiting for Patch 9.1!

Hello, my name is Jemmah & I am recruiting for my guild
Hurry, run fast my friend, this is urgent, do not yield
If you are a paladin, warrior, or enhancement shaman, you’ll definitely need a shield…
If open world PVP is your jam, bc careful, as our server is mainly alliance, and as for the horde, you may get killed.

We’re currently raiding Heroic Castle Nathria, as well as sometimes normal
We’d like to do mount runs, companion pet farming, and transmogs runs, as well, so you can dress in something formal…
To the raids, or to our guild meetings, whichever you may chose
And when we have a monthly raffle, you are welcome to bet a lot, so you do not lose

Our guild is called ‘Grey Horse Army,’ but don’t ask me about the naming history, as I am not too sure
If you were to come down with the plague or something, don’t worry, we got your back, we have a cure!
We are currently looking for anything & everything class wise, just know we’re good on tanks
Anyway, I really appreciate you getting this far in my guild poem, so for that I owe you a, “Thanks!”

LOL! Thank you so much for reading! We also do a lot more, such as Mythic Mondays & the weekends are our days for fun, extracurricular events! We even sometimes all get in discord and play a little JackBox Party! We do monthly raffles as well!

If you want more info about our guild, please do not hesitate to message me!
You can find me at:
B.TAG: wigglehugs#1397
DISC: wigglehugs#6587

Our raid team has gotten AOTC now and ready to start preparing for the 9.1 raid tier! We are looking for anyone who fits our philosophy, but specifically need dps and heals, with back up tank specs a plus!

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Good luck in 9.1 guys!

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Thanks!!! You too :slight_smile:

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