[A] <Godsent> 10/10 N 3/10 H Looking to Progress!

Godsent was set up to have like minded WOW players in a great environment. We are revamping our Core Raiding team to continue to push for AOTC. We have a great time playing together and we are looking to continue to grow.

Come join in on the fun and become a valued member of our raiding core. Outside of Raids we have several groups who run M+ Keys, Arenas, and BG’s. If you have a great attitude and you’re looking for an overall great time playing Shadowlands consider joining us.

If you are newer to raiding we will work with you to continue to build our core progression group. We are pretty casual, but we are also wanting to press the limits of what we can do given our time playing the game.

Current Raid Needs:

  • Ranged DPS
  • Resto Shaman/ Holy Paladin
  • Select Melee DPS

Raid Nights: Tuesday/ Thursday 7pm-10pm ST

If you have questions or are interested in joining, please contact us today!

We look forward to raiding with you joining our guild!

Battle.net: Rain#15381