[A] <Full Force>

Raid Times

12 am-2 am CT(Wed, Fri)

About Full Force

Full Force is a guild that is currently rebuilding on Moonrunner. As a guild, we had experience together playing in MoP and WoD. We are looking to take that experience we had then and bring it into shadowlands. Our goal is to pursue AOTC in each tier on Heroic and also push M+ keys. Progression will be set with a causal mindset but we will still hold people accountable and want them to be able to pull their weight. That is the exact mindset we are also looking for. We want people who want to push and progress but also who will help their fellow guildies out and realize that we are all human and people make mistakes. As guild leadership, we will always help you out if you are putting your all towards a goal of growth. We want it to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. On our off nights and seasons we may play other games as a group and if you are part of the guild would love you to join us. If you think you would like to be a part of our journey and guild please message us and we can get started on something great together.







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