[A]<Friend Zone>10.5hr 8/9M

this site is so broken
we got to p2!!
still looking for ranged dps! Warlocks in particular!
Warlock still in high demand!
still looking!
where all the ranged boys at?
p3 poggers! need warlocks!
blizzcon time yay
back from blizzcon and then back out to cali in 2 days lolmao
I am not bumping I just really like commenting on this post
Wow this post is cool I wish I had one like it
its ok i guess
I miss master loot
The sixers are the best basketball team in the NBA and its not even debatable, change my mind.
Yooooooooooooooooo my boys just added Jimmy Butler lets gooooooo!!!!
I will miss you Roco and Dario