[A] <Faith of the Fallen> 8/8H Recruiting for Core Mythic Roster!

Faith of the Fallen is a laid back, friendly raiding guild looking for more to expand our ranks as we move into future Battle for Azeroth content. The guild has existed since the early days of Legion, but consists of players who have been playing as far back as Classic and Burning Crusade. We are seeking players who have an interest in being involved with others as we raid, run Mythic+ dungeons, and any other shenanigans going on at the time.

Schedule and Roles Needed

  • Raid nights are Tue/Thur 7PM-10PM realm time (9PM-12AM EST)
  • We are in high need of Ranged DPS, but all are considered as long as you have a good attitude and are willing to cooperate with others.

Misc Requirements

  • Do not stir drama for no reason. Remember, its still a game no matter how serious anyone takes it.
  • Have discord installed or be willing to download it.
  • We ask that you come prepared for raid (consumables/gems/enchants). If for whatever reason you cannot afford it or forget to bring something, just ask.
  • Be proactive and watch fights you are unfamiliar with before the raid starts. We link videos to all the fights on Discord and give a TLDR before pulls, but a basic understanding goes a long way. Do not be afraid to ask questions!
  • Most Importantly, have a good attitude. Be patient with people, we’re all here to learn and kill bosses together while having fun doing it. If you know something someone else might not realize, offer a suggestion. You will not get shot down for helping each other out.

If you are interested, please feel free to fill out our short application at -

Feel free to reach out to an officer or poke any member of the guild to get an officers attention if none are online.


  • Azradian#1689
  • Mod#11183
  • Dbc88#1632

A boomp /10char

Updated post! Heroic Jaina Down!

A boomp. New raid, means new raiders.

Up we go, 2/8H Eternal Palace

Second week, 6/8H. Get it while its hot. Looking for rangedbois, but we’re considerate of all.

Would you consider people returning for 8.2? Haven’t raided since beginning of legion, but have been getting the itch again badly.

Can’t promise the highest necklace and everything since I haven’t been playing for much of BFA. But obviously given the opportunity I would try my best to catch back up.

I’m definitely in that heroic-level category. Raided beginning of wod, got aotc highmaul and BRF before I stopped raiding. Same for emerald nightmare through most of nighthold before stopping again.

Hey Psytanik,

Feel free to add any of the officers battletags (or whisper a guildie in-game to get their attention) and we’ll chat!

i like to bump the crap outta this post

7/8H this week, few solid pulls on Azshara!

AOTC Achieved, 8/8H

Are you guys recruiting? There are 2 of us wanting to trial with you. My main is a 430 druid that i am very versatile with. I also have a 420 shaman. The other is a 435ish havoc demon hunter. He also has alts that he keeps up for tanking. Thank you!

Classic may be chugging but we’re still recruiting! Pls send Locks/Boomies/Ele


i am looking for mythic raid

Never raided on this toon, just a horde shaman as heals on Battle for Daz’arlor in LFR and that was a complete wipe, and he was hoping to raid on normal on Horde with a community or guild, and he has no gear for 8.2 outdoor content in Naz and has a death-fest there, we’re working on flight, are you recruiting Hunters, I can’t tank or heal, but can ranged dps, as Beast Mastery.