[A] EU tank looking for his first mythic+/raiding guild on NA servers


As stated in the title, I’m from EU, Sweden specifically, and decided to start fresh on NA servers as I was bored on EU servers. I’m also usually up during the nights when EU servers are dead basically. So therefore I’m looking for a guild that mainly runs mythic+, as I’m not too keen on raiding at the moment. I get bored quickly during progression. But I might be up for it in the future, or some nights if a tank is required.

My main on EU servers is also a paladin named Rambon, 3k score. I got several alts with 2k+ score there as well, so got plenty of mythic+ experience. Gotten KSM in every season since season 4 in BFA. I am not by any means a hardcore player tho, I’d describe myself more to the casual side nowadays.

I’m only looking for guilds on Kel’thuzad, since I don’t really wanna spend even more money on server transfers, etc.

If you have any further questions, contact me on b.net: Saltkrabban#2436 or just write to me whenever I’m online in-game @Rambon.

Forgot to change what character I posted with.