[A] <Ethical> LF Tank for Mythic Raid

Current Castle Nathria Progression:
Normal: 10/10
Heroic: 2/10

Ethical is a Cutting Edge raiding guild looking to recruit 1 tank for our main raid roster. Ethical has a majority of our raid team returning after our first tier as a guild in Ny’alotha after successfully achieving Cutting Edge. We finished realm 10th in Ny’alotha and our goal this tier is to break into the top 5. Our guild is composed of experienced Mythic Raiders that have consistently achieved Cutting Edge. We are looking for an experienced, communicative, reliable tank to join our guild.

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 9 pm - 12 pm EST
Thursday: 9 pm - 12 pm EST
Sunday: 9 pm - 12 pm EST

Please message Leety#3515 on Discord for more information.

Added you friend!