[A] Dreadmaul <Sudden Prolapse> 9/9N 5/9H 1 night raid team looking for DPS for 10.1 AOTC

Sudden Prolapse is a new heroic raiding guild currently recruiting DPS for 1 night raiding on Thursdays 730-1030 ST.

We cover all aspects of the game with a strong focus on respect, inclusivity and personal growth with the bottom line of enjoying the game.

While we raid 1 night a week, we have a team of strong players and don’t waste any time while doing so. Two weeks in with single night raiding and we’re 9/9N, 5/9H.

If you’re interested, please get in contact. Chuck me a message on discord at Ballbag#9324

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Bump! Still recruiting tanks and DPS for weekly 8/8H clears. Considering all classes

Still looking for more! Will consider all roles

Recruiting OS tanks and ranged dps! Will consider all players though, hit us up!

Still filling up! OS tanks/Ranged dps! All roles still hit me up though!

Yo, would you be interested in a Pres/Devoker?

^^ My LF guild post if you’re interested.

Roster’s starting to look pretty solid guys! Just need a few more ranged dps and we’re ready!

Almost there, ranged dps. All other dps and heals who think they’d be a good fit i also encourage to apply!

Bump - continually recruiting. Great people who are engaged and actively help each other with all forms of content.

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Got 8/9N last night! Healers hit me up

Still need 1 healer for 1 night Thursday raiding! Priests and shammies pls apply

LF DPS hit me up on discord to have chat Ballbag#9324