(A) <Depleted IRL> 3/12m 12/12h Thurs/Fri late night

About Depleted IRL

Stormrage-Alliance raid times Thursday/Friday 10pm-1am est

Depleted is a Raiding guild reformed last tier from a previous mythic progression guild with an already strong leadership and core looking to push into mythic as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What you can expect from us;

We offer a community with strong leadership, A fun and friendly raid team who are very relaxed, but at the same time focused on our goal of progression.

What we expect from you;

A good attitude, the willingness to learn, the ability to communicate and the desire to progress through mythic content are our main expectations from raiders.

Our current needs;

Immediate openings for,

Ranged DPS Fire mage and Warlocks highest priority
Warrior, DH, Paladin, Mute Rogue melee DPS

All openings are full-time dps

All classes are welcome to apply

If you are interested in Joining I encourage you to contact me
Thrillhouse#1644 on Bnet
Rock Strongo#7903 on Discord

Pretty successful first week, need more dps still.

5/12H come blast through heroic with us!

Still looking for dps!

Come raid with us! :smiley:

Added on BTag, but Drakory#11498 if an Officer wants to add me.
15 year player returning from a few months off. Currently 446ilvl.

An officer has added you! Thank you for reaching out. :slight_smile:

Still looking for dps!

Happy Tuesday :smiley: GL on cache!

Still need some dps! Come raid with us tomorrow.

Good talking with you last night. Will send ya message if I get on alliance side by tonight

7/12h and climbing, just need a few more ranged to join us.

9/12h were blasting!

Please add me on battlenet (IamTHEBOOKIE#1240) or discord (IamTHEBOOKIE#2659) I am interested in discussing your guild - 454 DPS with infinite stars/echo void

Still looking for dps!

Raiding tonight, going to be a good one!

10/12h wowee

Come get ready for mythic with us! :slight_smile:

11/12 come help us with N’zoth!

I am so ready!