[A]<Damage Incorporated> is recruiting

Formed in 2006, Damage Incorporated is a community focused guild filled with mature and friendly players of all different varieties. Some chase achievements, some run M+ high and low, a few love pvp, but every one of us values having a good time in game above all else. The most important thing for us is keeping the game fresh and fun for all of our members, and providing activities every single week so that we can play our favorite game together.

We are looking for players who are in search of a new home, who are interested in playing in a kind and positive guild environment. We believe firmly in bringing the player, not the character. If you are looking to raid, awesome, we have multiple raid groups. Maybe you don’t want to raid, but you want to run dungeons, or do achievements? We can help with that too! Or maybe you just want a guild with real people so you can actually use guild chat :grin:. All you have to bring is a solid attitude and enthusiasm for the game. We can help with all the rest. As a guild, we strongly enforce inclusivity and mature behavior. Personal attacks or hate speech are some of the only ways to get kicked out of this guild, and they will be instant. Basically: don’t be a jerk. Feel free to contact us in game or leave a reply here.


Freek and his guild are pretty nifty. Do endorse!


Heya, ive been with Damage Incorporated since Wrath. Solid guild with a lot of calendar guild events. Good community of people, and drama-free. The guild officers are online very frequently and are long time players.

We are also recruiting for our Heroic / Mythic progression raids.

Inquire today! :slight_smile:


I’m in this guild, and I approve of this message! :sunglasses:


Hello! We’re always looking for new members.
And we’re still recruiting for our Mythic raid! We have many mythic level players and are seeking more. Not going for world 200CE but would like to complete the raid tiers.

Positive guild/community. No drama. Would you like to know more? :slight_smile:


Been in this guild since 2009, and it has become my home online. Great group of mature, friendly players, who just happen to also be able to clear some content.

We have 3 different raid groups through the week all at different levels, and are accepting new raiders as well. Little bit of something for everyone :slight_smile:


Heya I was in DI back in BC through (I think) Pandaria when I eventually took a break (got bored with end game stuff). I’ve been back since June last year (this is my only 120 sadly) but would love to join the guild again. I’ve been in Crimson Guardians but they had an…issue and split and don’t have anything on FM/SC these days. So I’ve been guild-less for like a month. I’m getting sick of random invites. I liked you guys a lot, you were my first and longest guild and I’m SHOCKED (but at the same time NOT shocked) that Freek is still GM. Damn, man. It’d be great if I could bring my alts in too (I have a DK, another monk, a 110 shaman, another shaman, and baby hunter and baby druid (20’s). I’m not playing a ton right now so I can’t join any dedicated raid groups at the moment. I’m in a PHP (partial hospitalization program – aka I spend 12 hours a day there so I’m so pooped at the end of the day I just crash because I have to be up super early the next day) thing for my eating disorder but I’ll be out the 11th of next month (April) and will have a LOT more spare time after that.


If you’ll take me (I’ll admit, I’ve mostly been a solo player never even done a mythic so I have a lot of learning to do) how do I get an invite?


Hit me up in game, I will either be on Freek or Lokri. Talk to you soon!


Bumping this thread for our guild and raid recruitment. Healers, I see you out there. Everyone else welcome as well.

Updated original post.

Bumping for a great guild I’ve been glad to call home for 12 years. Great folks, fun times to be had!

12 years is a hell of an endorsement. wife an i just got back into wow. we let subs expire shortly after bfa launched. (with wow sometimes you just need a break) so we still sub 120 .We more of questing/achievement light dungeoning (parents don’t get live by raiding hours) players than raiders. but both had been around in wow since vanillia and BC. we’ll look you up

Not sure if any of y’all remember me, I played a resto druid named Shyalyn. I am popping in to play Classic but wanted to give you a shout-out for being fun and welcoming to me back in the day! Very awesome to see you’re still around.

I remember you and enjoyed having you in our guild. Glad to see you are back in a fashion. Very nice to hear from you and thanks for shout-out, hope you enjoy classic and maybe some of us will run into you there!

Still open? Coming back after a long hiatus and I think I was in here a long long time ago or was friends with some people who were.

Yes, give me a shout or anyone in guild next time you are online.

I’m interested in joining y’all, I have a druid but I’m not enjoying Boomkin as much as I thought I would, so I’m in the process of leveling a mage now with intentions of playing him in 8.3. Would it be ok to join now and start to get to know people, or would you prefer for me to wait until I get my Mage up and going first?

Hi Geseb, we would love to have you in guild as soon as possible. I will be online today and try to get you an invite.

I’ve been with DI since WoD, and I love this community. The raid leadership has always been great about patiently explaining each encounter and adapting to changes in order to continue progression with minimal frustration.

The guild leadership also works hard to actively maintain the community and recruitment.

Looking forward to the rest of 8.3 and Ny’alotha!

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