A Cycle of Hatred - Sylvanas Missing!

A Cycle of Hatred

Quest asks you to report to Sylvanas Windrunner in Orgrimmar, inside Grommash Hold, the quest indicator ? on the minimap indicates she should be in the room, but instead Baine Bloodhoof is standing here now. Is this a phasing issue?

This quest is apart of the the chain for the Horde Campaign.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!



+1, facing the same issue on one of my alts.

Looks like Blizzard forgot to update the quest with Sylvanas being gone…contacted in-game support but got no help.

Let me know if you find a way to turn it in!

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Same here, boosted an alt to 120, can’t turn in because the game state is that sylvanas is already gone.


Also missing Sylvanas. GG firing the QA team.

Okay guys I was having the same issue for days, it was very frustrating. I literally just solved it, I know it sounds like it shouldn’t have anything to do with it but right when I finished the allied races questline for the Vulpera, Baine is in her place but when you finish the Vulpera allied races questline you will turn that quest in to Baine, you will then get the achievement for the Vulpera. Then just run out of orgirmmar and back on, when you get back in Sylvanas will be where she is supposed to be and you can turn in the cycle of hatred quest. Hope this helps!


This worked for me. Thanks!

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Yup, doing the Vulpera quest line got her back into the room for me as well, thanks!!

Vulpera quest was the culprit, ty

This shoudl not be necessary. Blizzard, you need to get your crap in gear, stop chugging out 1/2 finished s*it, and actually QA your programming. WC III Reforged just further demonstrates the half-assed effort that is going into your programming and your profit motive is truly harming the Warcraft brand in a very severe way. If you want players like me who’ve been playing for 14 years now…to stick around…stop doing half-assed patches and content, and actually build something with quality both story and programming. FIX THIS ISSUE.

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This is nothing to do with bad programming.

If you have multiple quests all set in different time periods of the game, all taking you into the throne room, which throne room should you see? All of them at once? Should the computer try to read your mind?

They have to choose one to take priority. And most of the time they make the assumption that people most likely want to do the latest / most recent quest first. So the Vulpera quest takes precedence over the Sylvanas quest.

You, the player, can avoid it by not piling up dozens of quests in your log.


yes it the players fault that the when they play a new character they should be some how automatically caught up to all the quest right away. You do realize this is an allied race issue right. The quest to get vulpera is over ridding the slyvanns one. It doesn’t make sense why we need to do the allied race on another character when you already did it on the main…

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What if we have been away for a year, and we don’t play alli? lol

i completed the quest line on my main but on my alt it is still showing kiro there and basically wanting me to finish the quest on my alt as well before I can get sylvanas back in there.

Finish the Valpera quest line run out and back into the hold and Sylvanas appears

So my main already got the Vuplera race. I have finished on my alt the sands and exalted but I’m not getting the questline to come up to get the race. I assume it’s because I already have the Vulpera race. How do I get Sylvanas now? Blaine is still there.

No. You’re wrong. It’s Blizzards fault.