[A]<Crusaders who say Nee>Aman'Thul[LF DPS]

(Veritaslie) #1
Guild: <Crusaders who say Nee> - Aman'Thul [Oceanic]

Faction: Alliance

Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday 8:15pm - 10:30pm AEST

Progression: 8/8 Normal 6/8 Heroic

Needs: Currently recruiting additional DPS for our Heroic Progression Team.

*Tanks & Healers that apply will definatly be considered However must have an off spec ready to raid.

A little about us: Firstly, we do this for fun. We all enjoy sitting down with a group of like minded gamers a few nights every week and killing bosses (that’s the core of it)
We are a friendly heroic raiding guild focusing on heroic progression & Aotc every tier.
We are by no means a hardcore raid guild however we all enjoy pushing our class and working hard to better our performance
We are looking for people who know their class and are willing to improve and have fun whilst doing it!
If this sounds like it would suit you, please contact one of the below members.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Recruitment Contacts:
Recruitment Officer: Veritaslie#3727 (discord) Veritaslie#1792 (Bnet)
Guild Master: Chaturgah#1891 (discord)
Raid Leader: Jekz#2617 (discord)

(Veritaslie) #2
Updated based on progression - Still looking for DPS