[A] <Crisis> Heroic Raiding

About Us
We are 10/10H CN, 10/10H SOD, 11/11H SFO and currently recruiting to fill Raid vacancies for Heroic difficulty.

Awesome, friendly group of people who Raid every Friday and Saturday from 9PM to 12AM AEST (Server Time).

Upon joining us, you should have:

  • a positive attitude
  • a willingness to learn and improve
  • situational awareness

Outside of Raids we enjoy Mythic Plus Keystone Dungeons together, Legacy Raids for transmog/mounts etc., Achievements and other fun activities that arise.

If interested? Please Contact:
Supersaint (Battlenet: SwordSaint #6196)
Kelleah (Battlenet: Kel #1481)
Holyshizz (Battlenet: Kayz #11504)