[A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruitment (see link in first post)

I am no longer updating this thread. Please refer to this thread instead.

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Bring a friend or two.

Recruiting for 8.2!

Pasq need friends!

I have my friend. You guys need the friends.

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Well, sure. And people to raid with!

Still recruiting! We’d love to rebuild our mythic roster at this point and push into mythic 8.2 content as soon as it’s available. Fill out our app, contact me, whichever works – but join us.

Man… I would try to app just to mess with Z, but that 11 est is killer :frowning:

Join us for 8.2!

Still recruiting!

If you are looking for a 2N/Week … This is it!!!

Looking for ranged in particular, but we’ll look at melee as well.

We don’t bite unless you ask nicely! Join us!

2 new bosses down in one night. Come hit things.

Yes, come hit Pasq!!! He likes it.

joining Chaotic Neutral is a way to show that you enjoy the finer things in life

Still looking for more people. Pretty much anything but tanks.

Still LFM! I would dearly love ranged DPS, but solid, mythic-capable raiders work whatever their flavor.

Still recruiting?

We are. :slight_smile: Add me on bnet, and we can talk.

Ashvane down. Come join us for the future.