[A] <Chaotic Neutral> 5/12M, looking for more!

US Turalyon [A]
Alliance | Mythic guild, 5/12M
2 nights/week | 6 hours | Tues/Wed 8pm-11pm EST
Discord Required
Guild Website: cnguild .org

Chaotic Neutral general raid/game experience and what we are:
Our guild is filled with players who have played all the way from vanilla to players just starting the game in recent history. We call our ourselves a casual mythic progression guild with the understanding that, albeit in our main raid roster everyone is meant to play responsibly and fill the role in which they have, we are casual in the ideas that we don’t restrict ones playstyle/spec (meaning there may be a very strong spec from a class, but if you have fun playing another spec and you show that you can play it well enough to be used at a progression level, than you are more than welcome to come along!!).

What we are looking for:
1+ DPS/heals hybrid

*Research each fights prior to pull (at least have watched on video and seen some of what the fight looks like prior to first pull and strategy explanation)
*Working microphone
*Near 100% attendance
*Dedication l Sense of humor

About Us:
We at Chaotic Neutral are a guild focused on making good use of our time, meaning those who are filling a role in our roster will be held accountable for the choices. Be on time, be respectful, and play at a respectable level. Other than that we pride ourselves in being kind and considerate, as well as a general fun guild to be with our various personalities. We have multiple groups for M+ who are interested in pushing into higher keys, and as well as those interested in PvP. We’re a guild that has a focus on raiding, but we do not pigeon-hole our players to having to do anything they don’t want to do. So if you feel like you have what it takes, and you have to humor to back up your play, come join us!!!

Addons Requested:
We have found over the years that having a few specific addons can really help. You could be amazingly god-like and have all timers and the like in your head. And if you do? That’s flippin’ brilliant! But for the rest of us mortals…

*DBM/Big Wigs (or some other raid encounter addon)
*Weak Auras 2

More info:
Guild Master: Wandappy (Bnet: Wandappy#1921)
Website: cnguild .org

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Bring a friend or two.

Recruiting for 8.2!

Pasq need friends!

I have my friend. You guys need the friends.

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Well, sure. And people to raid with!

Still recruiting! We’d love to rebuild our mythic roster at this point and push into mythic 8.2 content as soon as it’s available. Fill out our app, contact me, whichever works – but join us.

Man… I would try to app just to mess with Z, but that 11 est is killer :frowning:

Join us for 8.2!

Still recruiting!

If you are looking for a 2N/Week … This is it!!!

Looking for ranged in particular, but we’ll look at melee as well.

We don’t bite unless you ask nicely! Join us!

2 new bosses down in one night. Come hit things.

Yes, come hit Pasq!!! He likes it.

joining Chaotic Neutral is a way to show that you enjoy the finer things in life

Still looking for more people. Pretty much anything but tanks.

Still LFM! I would dearly love ranged DPS, but solid, mythic-capable raiders work whatever their flavor.

Still recruiting?

We are. :slight_smile: Add me on bnet, and we can talk.

Ashvane down. Come join us for the future.