[A] Burial - Recruiting All

Burial is a long standing Alliance Guild who is making steady progress on a 9hr/Week Raiding schedule.

We are looking for a few strong players for progression. If you are skilled and have a sense of humor we want to hear from you. We need:

(Tank) - Any
(DPS) - Ranged or Melee
(Heals) - Pal/Sha/Dru/Mon or if you’re really skilled.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Times 9:00pm–12:00am est

Burial is a Mature group of Raiders looking for progression, but also for an enjoyable Evening’s Raiding. We joke around a lot but when we need to focus up we get the job done.

Please reach out to Thors#1807 or Mishuun#1926 for an immediate chat and potential Trial slot and if we seem a good fit, consider us for your Raiding home.