[A] <Ante Meridiem> AOTC Wed/Thurs 7-10pm EST

Ante Meridiem is recruiting!

Ante Meridiem is one of the longest standing raiding guilds on Stormrage-US.
We raid Wednesday - Thursday 7pm to 10pm eastern. AOTC Aberrus 9/9H Complete!

We are getting raid spots set for the next tier and we are ramping up recruitment to fill out our raid team.

With only 6 hours a week of raiding we expect raiders to come to each raid prepared and ready to kill bosses to make the most of our time.

If you enjoy light-hearted company and a relaxed atmosphere that focuses on killing bosses this is the place for you!

Our recruitment needs are currently as follows:
Exceptional applicants of any class welcome to apply

High need - 1 tank - any class
2 healers - Paladin or Priest
Monk - Closed
Deathknight - Closed
Demonhunter - Vengeance
Druid - Feral//Balance/Guardian
Priest - Disc/Holy
Paladin - Holy/Prot
Rogue - Any
Mage - Arcane
Shaman - Enhanced / Elemental
Warlock - Any spec
Hunter - Closed
Dragon - Devastation / Augment
Warrior - Arms/Fury

Please contact us directly if you are interested - it’s the fastest way to get a response.
You can contact our Guild Master Ljay (LJay#11286), Raid Leader Dethstalker (deth007#1357) or Recruiter Chariss (chariss#1795) in game.

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Still looking for a few AOTC minded players! Come join the family!

Come join the family on your toon and help us conquer the last 4 bosses in Aberrus

Another boss downed without you!. What are you waiting for…come join in the AOTC fun!

Still recruiting a few AOTC minded players!

Always looking for a few more exceptional AOTC minded players. Come join our family!

Only 1 boss left for AOTC. Come get the kill and AOTC!!!

Looking for healers! Come apply.

Hello. I am interested in talking to you guys. the contact info you listed, is that for discord? they recently made everyone change usernames so i would guess that contact info is outdated. thanks

Hey there! no those are our battletags ingame. Reach out!

Still looking for a few AOTC minded players to finish this tier and prepare for the next!!

Another AOTC completed! Don’t miss your chance to find you AOTC home.

Come find your AOTC home! Send ingame mail to btags in post if interested.

Come join us! we have cookies!

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looking for chill peeps to join us on getting ready for next AOTC season we currently already have AOTC but always raiding on our raid days for fresh mind set into mechs! come join me on the healing squad! we need healers and dps! our healing team work amazing with each other and push each other on higher numbers and compete with one another!

Looking for AOTC folks in preparation for next tier. Recruitment needs have been updated. If you are looking for a home send one of us a message!

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Great job this season team. Looking to recruit a few solid players for next seasons raid.

Still slots left. Come see if our home is a good fit for you! AOTC minded people only! please.

Slots still open for our AOTC Team!

We are looking for healers and dps!!!