[A] 4/9M Parallax Gaming LF HPal + Enh Sham

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About Us:

-Non Toxic, Learning, Inclusive, Diverse and Community Focused Environment.

-Casual to Semi-Hardcore Gameplay

-Regular Events & Games

Semi Hardcore Raid Team
Current Prog: AOTC 4/9M
Days: Tue/Thur 8-11PM EST
Recruitment: Looking for exceptional & mechanically gifted DPS + HEALS to fill out our main roster as we begin our push towards Cutting Edge. ( Currently pref on HPal + Enh Sham)
Discord: tyco#0614


Still looking for a blaster on heals!

Would love another big pumper on heals.

Posting on main :slight_smile: still need heals!

Would love a big rsham or priest blaster on heals!

Soon to be 4/10M need more to join the team!

4/10M this week more than likely, need a big healer, pref on heals that can flex DPS!

Still looking for an awesome healer to fill out our ranks!

LF for a insane healer to help polish our roster to get CE

Still need those Healer’s to round out our top team!

Big healer still needed, pref priest.

Need some big heals to round out our roster as we push to CE!

Bump could use a big healer or dps

Can use a big healer or dps to round out our roster.

Bump could use a BIG DPS and possibly a tank

Looking for another Helaer/DPS and Tank!

Looking for a big multi class tank!

Looking for a big healer to help us get to the next level in 9.2!

Still searching for a healer to get CE with next tier

Still looking an absolute legend healer for 9.2 and CE