[A] 4/9M Parallax Gaming LF HPal + Enh Sham

Still looking to find a blaster healer!

Big gamers hit us up

Looking for a legend of a healer for 9.2! What’s good!


9/10 holy pally lf guild

LF a BIG ranged dps pumper, preferably lock/boomy/spriest.

LF a big ranged pumper!

Still looking for a huge ranged gamer

Still looking prefer a big RDPS and Healer

bumping looking for some big gamers

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I have 3 current members possibly looking to switch

411 BM Hunter <----
406 BM Hunter
405 Enhancement Shaman

Not sure what spots you have open.

Big Bump looking for a big DPS for M Raz Prog

Would you take a 411 hunter or strictly looking for specific class for mythic?

Doing another bump still searching for some huge gamers

Bump for another Pumper

bumpy bump!

Looking for blasters

pumpers please!