[A] 3/9 M 2 Raiding Days LF for DPS, and a tank

Apotheosis is looking for exceptional applicants for mythic raiding.

We have been together since the start of Cata from the merger of two 10 man groups, both of which were raiding as a 25 man at some point. The original guild members have been raiding together since BC.

For the longest time we were raiding three days a week and obtaining most of the server first. After taking a break we decided to come back and raid fewer days but more efficient. We decided to run two days to give us more opportunities to experience the game and not to make the game life consuming.

The vast majority of the guild hold professional jobs or are in college so we try to make the best use of our time. We raid 2 days a week and want to maximize our attempts and progress . We expect people to show up on time, contribute to strats, and bring no drama.

We run mythic+ and various other runs through out the week.

Raid Schedule (Eastern Time Zone)
Tuesday 9 pm -12:00
Wednesday 9 pm -12:00

Thank you for your time,

For any questions add Taeyang#1955

***We have a high need for a few DPS and a DPS with heals OS

Bump! Looking for a few DPS to round out our roster.

updated the forum post

Bump, we are looking for some great friends to add to our family!

Updated forum post. Still looking for 2 DPS

I am a lonely hunter in this guild. Need a good hunter friend. <3

Hello, still need 2 dps

Update bump. Still looking for exceptional DPS and DPS with OS off-spec.

Still looking for 2 DPS

Still looking for recruits. 2 DPS!

updated the post

Looking for a Tank as well!

updated the post

Btag request sent.

htt ps://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/36686392

would also consider a healer

Still looking for a tank and dps!

still looking

Ranged preferred, but all welcome.

Still looking for Dps

Still looking for a dps, will consider all good recruits but def need a ranged