[A] 246 UH/Frost DK looking for 9.2 group

Thanks for checking out my post. I am currently looking for a raiding guild for 9.2 and beyond. Have achieved AotC for every patch dating back to Legion, and even have some Mythic experience. Also looking for active M+ guild on off nights.

I’m available to raid just about any night of the week; however, I prefer later start times (after 9:30 PM EST). I’m not opposed to weekend raiding, but would need to start a bit later (after 10:00 PM EST).

Please feel free to add my btag (Reece#11312) or discord (Dhek#7927) if you’re interested. Thanks and best of luck.

Still looking…hit me up if your guild is recruiting

Team Slippery When Wet is still running weekly and recruiting for 9.2. We are a one night a week AOTC team that that runs every Wednesday from 9pm - 12am CT. Feel free to drop by our discord or drop me a message at Ochyro#4197



Sorry, accidentally posted on my Horde toon. Slippery When Wet is an Alliance team :grin: