9.1.5 General Thoughts

Remember the wonderful days of having Valor gear on a vendor? I miss those days. :slight_smile:


Those were the days. Honestly the system that existed in Wrath was awesome, I know it was confusing having so many different badges, but to be able to get them and just buy raid level gear. That’s what dreams are made of :smiley:


Yeah - I loved it. DPS queues were ABYSSMAL though, and when I used to work 12/16 hour shifts I would barely have time for one before heading to work - and it would always end up being Occulus so the tank would insta-leave. Good times. If we could have vendors like that again (minus the 4 different badge currency) I could see it being a huge QoL improvement.


I hear you. I ended up trying to learn to tank… bad times bad times lol

Oculus was horrid.

Honestly different badges isn’t terrible when gear is relevant from other raid tiers. Valor points are fine, but you should be able to buy nathria items as well now for a lower price (for mog etc)

This kinda goes back to my original post in this thread, but once you kill a certain boss on a difficulty X number of times you should be able to buy gear item (no mounts) off their loot table for valor.
People will say the hunter bow shouldn’t be there since it’s legendary, and I tend to agree, so I’m not sure about that one.

This should apply to M+ as well. Dungeon loot should be buyable at whatever ilvl you can upgrade to through the M+ ranking system (246 ilvl at 2k etc)


Yup! I remember getting some of my gear from the Valor vendor in Orgrimmar back in the day. If I recall there was also a Justice vendor as well that you could buy Heroic dungeon based gear from as well.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if such a system to get gear was re-implemented into World of Warcraft! It was useful back in the day when you needed specific pieces of gear from raids or dungeons, But they wouldn’t drop for you.

You still technically earned the gear you bought from the vendor since you had to get a lot of badges in order to even purchase (1) piece of gear back in the day!


All the quality of life changes have been neat honestly, but have not really affected how much I play or how enjoyable it is. I think if these changes had been made earlier they would’ve had a greater impact on me, before I basically abandoned all but one character cause I couldnt be bothered with all the grinds.

The completely unexpected highlight of 9.1.5 for me has been the new druid forms however. Found out accidentally, then spend an entire key with a druid main friend raving on discord about it. Didnt know I needed them, but glad theyre here


Yeah these were really cool, and mostly tied to inscription as well which was fun. I’d love to see more cosmetic glyphs added


I know 9.1.5 is almost over, but I want to mention this one last time.

I’ve officially given up trying to get an IQD this patch. At this point, if I get it now it will feel just as bad as I’ve felt for the last 8 months. I’ve run around all of 9.1 with a 226, unupgradable trinket because it was from last season. My character has a 249 ilvl, with that trinket still equipped.

Getting an IQD now would just be insult to injury. So I will keep trying in 9.2, but until then, with no deterministic way of getting it, and it not being upgradable into the next tier there isn’t even a point to try.