Retroactive Upgradeable M+ loot from season to season

"Getting an IQD now would just be insult to injury. So I will keep trying in 9.2, but until then, with no deterministic way of getting it, and it not being upgradable into the next tier there isn’t even a point to try."

The Valor Upgrade system to incrementally upgrade loot is the highlight of this expansion for me, as it gave us a simple, direct goal to work towards. It could use a retroactive quality of life change to curb the burnout of grinding for specific items that have a low drop rate or that you have just been unfortunate enough to not have seen drop for yourself. You would still need to farm the item the first time, but when the new season rolls around, all you’d need to do is farm rating and valor. You’re still engaged in the content; you’d just feel less self-loathing about farming these items. It is my hope that we’ll see this in the next expansion.


i’m good with that. it took my rshaman 40 runs of mists to get a changeling, and i only got it because somebody else got it and already had one. she’s never seen a ruby this entire expansion (guaranteed it’s coming in the final vault before s3 begins)


i’d like this type of system too. Or even the BFA token system where you just purchase your gear tbh (or at least certain special pieces like trinkets and tier). Said pieces would also not appear on the vault, you’d just upgrade/unlock the ilvl based on your rating or something.

I’ve still never seen certain target items appear in the vault, which is a little much.


They’re 1 for 2 in letting us have a set last a whole season so far. They bricked our gear mid way through 9.0. I think Blizz would have a collective heart attack at the thought of not bricking gear between seasons.

Unfortunately, just straight upgrading last Season items will probably never be a thing, since the entire point of the Seasons/patches is a reset.

The core issue is more that the Seasons make you re-farm the same dungeons for the same gear. It also causes the whole environment to be stale; if you’ve spent 1.5 years chasing an IQD, or spent 1.5 years with it, in both scenarios re-farming the same DoS dungeon you may have already done 200 times for the same item is … not exactly interesting. By contrast, at least a new raid comes with new bosses, new loot, new cosmetics, new trinkets, etc. The only time anything “new” actually gets added to M+ on that scale is when new dungeons (like mega dungeons) get added to the pool.

What they’d probably be best off doing is just re-doing loot tables on the Seasonal reset. For most items, it’d just be shuffling stats and switching where they drop, but it would give a chance for 1) a shift in cosmetics from Season to Season, 2) a change in key items like weapons/trinkets would actually give some altered gameplay/stats to classes, as well as change how certain dungeons are viewed as priority vs. ignorable.

In an ideal world, they’d also tweak the dungeons and bosses themselves. If they combined that with all new loot, they could even use it as a way to tell a progressing story through the dungeons to reflect new lore and stuff from patch to patch. But I’ve gone on that spiel before, and I can’t imagine they’re gonna be able to handle anything to that level given they’re already rushing out buggy patches (and also clearly don’t care to).