9.1 PTR Changes for Holy Priest (big buff)

Not sure how big of a buff this is to casuals. I mean whose going to coordinate their defensive CDs in a LFG. Progression/coordinated groups sure maybe. i guess Blizz wants Holy to move into that utility slot for groups.

You have to channel the full duration. It reduces the cooldown each Symbol of Hope channel tick.

OmniCDs tracks peoples cds.

Found the chart of what Symbol of Hope reduces:

Priest Holy Desperate Prayer
Disc Desperate Prayer
Shadow Desperate Prayer
Mage Fire Mirror Images
Frost Mirror Images
Arcane Mirror Images
Hunter Survival Exhilaration
Beast Mastery Exhilaration
Marksman Exhilaration
Rogue Outlaw ?
Assassination ?
Subtlety ?
Death Knight Frost Icebound Fortitude
Blood Icebound Fortitude
Unholy Icebound Fortitude
Demon Hunter Havoc ?
Vengeance Fiery Brand
Druid Balance Barkskin
Feral Barkskin
Guardian Barkskin
Restoration Barkskin
Monk Brewmaster Fort Brew
Mistweaver ?
Windwalker ?
Paladin Holy Divine Protection
Protection Ardent Defender
Retribution Shield of Vengeance
Shaman Elemental Astral Shift
Enhancement Astral Shift
Restoration Astral Shift
Warlock Affliction Unending Resolve
Demonology Unending Resolve
Destruction Unending Resolve
Warrior Arms Die by the Sword
Fury Enraged Regeneration
Protection ?

So on the PTR there’s a new enhanced row system.

Renown 41-60 you unlock the new rows on each soulbind page and 61-80 you unlock “enhanced” versions of your previous rows. This only applies to your finesse, endurance, and potency conduits…

Just from eyeballing it the enhanced rows get a 12.5% stat upgrade. My 226 Holy Oration conduit went from 12.8% to 14.4%… 226 Resonant Words went from 60.8% bonus healing to 68.4%.

This is kinda strong in Arena as is. H priest is already doing pretty decent there after the Hpal nerfs

Does the new pvp talent allows Mass Dispel cleanse diseases?

No. It just reduces the cooldown of Mass Dispel by 15s and mana cost by -30%.

It’s a pretty useless PvP talent.

Also Soulbind Calculator: https://ptr.wowhead.com/soulbind-calc/night-fae/korayn/priest

If this is not a joke, what’s wrong with the priest community that the moment we get a good thing we act like it’s undeserved.

Enjoy being given a utility that makes holy priests worth bringing to major content.

Looks like it’s nothing special anyway.

After today’s notes they completely butchered Cardinal Mending and pretty much neutered Holy Priests in PvP. In BFA we were Greater Heal turrets and this expansion we used Cardinal Mending to be a mobile instant cast healer (double Serenity+Cardinal Mending). Now we don’t have any strengths and have to start hard casting Flash Heals to make up for it while still dealing with our poor mana management.

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Greater Fade, Cardinal Mending, Miracle Worker all nerfed.

Amazing. :frog:

Wait greater fade for holy too? I thought it was shadow only? I guess capping the flag as holy so many times pissed off someone/got lots of reports.

Don’t you know Blizzard balances this game around 2’s. Any time there is a healer that dominates the 2’s bracket, it will be nerfed

Greater Fade nerf won’t really be much of an impact. The change to Miracle Worker is minor since it’ll be countered by augmented conduit slots next patch (extra +12.5% bonus to Holy Oration).

Cardinal Mending nerf is the one that hurts the most, but it’s entirely situational. If you’re instant bouncing PoM between two players than it does the same healing as it does on live. If you’re 1v1 or not getting bounces than you’re losing out the equivalence of a flash heal amount of healing on yourself. It went from a “must pick” to a “situational pick”…

The ongoing issue with Priests in PvP is their poor mana endurance. Disc is getting helped out with the next PvP talent that reduces the cost of their healing spells by -15%… Holy could use the same thing. Then you can decide between Cardinal Mending or that talent in fights… more healing or longer endurance.

Reason number 273772 I stopped playing priest. Cant go a patch without being nerfed to the ground. Meanwhile mages and pallies live the luxury life all expansion. Bye.

Holy was literally meta in arenas for half a patch and this happens… they just won’t let priests be great.

They weren’t really even that meta lol. Blizz balances around 2’s though which is where there were a lot of holy priests.

Speaking of 3’s or RBG representation they were middle of the pack

Lol! I relate to this so much. I still play holy priest in PvE and also play shadow. Both are fun to me. But I’ve also got a paladin ready for 9.1 that I’ll play a lot. I have a resto shaman too I might play around with

Reason why we will never see disc be strong for long is because blizzard balances around the top .0001% of players doing MDI’s or world first raids. The moment Blizz tosses disc a bone, all you’ll see is disc in the MDI runs

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They need to try separate scaling for atonement depending on the content being run (raids, dungeons, PvP)

No idea why that hasn’t been done yet.

Yea seems like the spec is overly balanced to the point of making it unfun. Disc is a popular spec too. So when it’s strong, it’ll have high representation. Rshams and Mistweavers could be super strong and they would still not have as high of a representation.

And I don’t know why people like playing disc. Its not a spec people should play and I would tell anyone that thinks of playing it, to play something else.

People like that kind of healing mage playstyle but disc has the second lowest damage output of every healer. Mistweaver damage is pitiful so it’s the worst

If you’re Holy I can relate, but Disc?
Discipline priest has been meta for 3 expansions in a row. And has been a meta healer in previous expansions too.

Looks like we got our first two legendaries on the PTR:

Bwonsamdi’s Pact Each time you take damage from Shadow Word: Death while your Fae Guardians are active your Faeries effectiveness is increased by 25%.
Inventory Type: Head, Waist

Shadow Word: Manipulation Mindgames gains 1 addtional charge and its cast time is increased by 50%.
Inventory Type: Neck, Wrist

I’m not able to access the Legendaries to test them, but just from general observation (and since I’m Night Fae already): the Bwonsamdi Pact one seems to be decent at best… I wish Fae Faemata worked like that instead of a Legendary. With the mandatory Flash Concentration lingering over our heads… you won’t be using it… and I was hoping we would get something better though.

The buff to Hymn of Hope to give +18% of missing mana is also pretty insane. If you’re at 20% mana (w/ +6% mana chest piece) you’re getting almost 8k mana back… it’s basically like throwing 1.5 mana pots at your healers.

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Isn’t a clarity of mind potion = 10k mana? How is 8K mana throwing 2 mana pots. Even the instant mana potion is only 6K