9.1 PTR Changes for Holy Priest (big buff)

Symbol of Hope has been redesigned – Bolster the morale of party or raid members within 40 yards. They each recover 60 seconds of cooldown on a major defensive ability, and they regain 12% of their missing mana over 5 seconds.

I’m on the PTR testing stuff now…

  • Symbol of Hope reduces your Desperate Prayer cooldown (not sure what it is for other classes, but assume its like Ice block, etc). Mana return functions the same as it does on live (gives about 2% more than before). This is a pretty big buff.

List of what Symbol of Hope reduces: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DoPzkGCcRyqI_EBPorlM15J1Im7YyRRCFsVPtBbCi5k/edit#gid=0

  • No new conduits/legendaries are available.

  • New PvP Talent - Improved Mass Dispel - Reduces mana cost of Mass Dispel by 30% and cooldown by 15s.

  • No changes to any healing/damage spells/mana costs.

  • Expanded Soulbind Trees are available: https://ptr.wowhead.com/soulbind-calc/

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I heard 9.1 will fall in August (too long), so plenty of time to suggest more buff.
But, not sure tho. I wish It would be in June.

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LoL wth is this Discipline

  • Spirit Shell (Talent) cooldown increased to 90 seconds (was 60 seconds).

bye guys.


Shocked to see the nerf to Spirit Shell…again.

I’m happy with Symbol of Hope. I’m curious though, is it totally random on defensive CD[s]?

Unknown. For Priests it reduced my Desperate Prayer CD.

Looking huge for holy! I am excited to possibly have a reason to be my guild’s holy priest next tier.

That change to SS along with the 80% nerf…it will probably still be useful for specific fights but overall will be replaced by evangelism builds otherwise. Disc’s low throughput in raid is essentially solidified as a trade for absorbs.

It comes down to how the next raid tier is designed. This raid tier has too many fights with the raid stacking all together in one spot and raid wide damage that goes on 1 minute cooldowns.


I was right! Yaay!

I made a thread about a month back complaining about Symbol of Hope and now my prayers were answered! Shame they didn’t reduce the cooldown I still think it’s too long even with the new change.

Is symbol of hope reducing the CD instantly?

Meaning can we pop Symbol and immediately stop the channel and still get the full CD? Because that’s pretty strong for M+, too if so.

This cannot go live as is (although I really hope it does). It’s too good as is. If it goes live like this you will be hard pressed not to double stack 2 holy priests. To clarify I think this is actually a great design idea and a unique baseline mechanic fix the likes of which we rarely see. I would rather they make similar fixes to other classes though then have them tune numbers on this

Agreed. It is a cool concept however. Something they could’ve given to other specs or classes without a lot of utility.

I’m talking warriors, ret paladins, etc. Classes that are passed over when it comes to mythic* could really use some additional utility.

They could have it apply a debuff similar to lust where you really only need one holy priest

Do you even play holy priest? It has the lowest utility of any healer.


In raid? Nah, Mistweaver has it worse there.

That said, I don’t think this is as overpowered as people think outside WF groups. It might get utilized there in interesting ways but… Realistically, the way to use this is assigning all defensives to a mechanic then resetting - which is just a POTENTIALLY better barrier? But it’s really dependent on what it resets. Some classes are gonna have stronger CDs than others.

Your average raid group is gonna be hard to get to utilize this well. What it DOES do is make hPriest attractive to world first guilds in a unique way finally. And generally, the meta trickles down to lesser guilds, even if they can’t utilize everything well.

It still might not be even close to enough to get them brought along though. I’m not convinced this is REALLY useful enough outside some possible cheese.

your overvaluing this symbol change way to much, if you honestly care about a raid wide DR why not just bring a paladin who 1. can dr every 3 mins rather then relying on a 1 min reduction every 5, 2. does astronomically more damage, and 3 does more healing… hpriest gains no ground with this change as 4 healers exist beyond its ranking that are better in every single way.


I think it will best be utilized for immunity soaks. This combined with the massive disc nerf might see holy brought instead.

Let’s say Symbol of Hope lowers Turtle, and there’s a mechanic turtle can cheese. Reducing that cooldown is suddenly very valuable. World First picks have been made for FAR less. It depends on what the hardest bosses in the raid do. If Sire Denathrius had something like Altimore’s arrow soak - you can bet that groups would immune it and use symbol to have an immune rotation at the top level.

So yeah, it gains ground. Is it enough? Entirely depends on the raid tier.

no because currently it doesnt lower any immunes, might change later but blizzard doesnt want holy priest to be good or immune cheesing to be the norm. There is a list of what it actually reduces on the priest discord but most are really underwhelming.

Yeah, I just saw that list. It’s a shame that some of them are the bad defensives, but I guess blizz wants to avoid making holy a mandatory healer. Cant have any of those, right?

Glances at shaman and paladin


Do we know if Hymn will still be a Channel? or a 5 sec buff? I think making it no longer a channel would have be a great enough buff, but im happy for more lol

Still a channel. Would probably be too good otherwise