9/9M - 3 days - Recruiting for 8.2

Jaina is dead and we’re killing time until 8.2.

We could really use some solid players that want to have quick farm clears and prepare mains & alts to do battle with Azshara.

We are always recruiting social members and exceptional players for M+ & RBGS as well.

General Info:

  • BoD Goal: CE
  • Raid Times: Tuesday through Thursday 7pm - 10pm CST
  • Active M+ Community with Several Members over 1K io
  • RBGS / Alt Runs on off nights.


  • Mythic Raiding Experience

  • Positive Attitude

  • Solid Logs / Parses with high survivability rates

  • Active with strategy discussions outside of raids

  • Use of Weak Auras / Proper Addons is a must

Current Needs:

  • High Need: Tank, Warlock, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Ele Shaman, DH, DPS DK

If you do not see your class or role listed, we still encourage you to apply. Exceptional apps will always be considered.

How to Apply:

App Form - https://goo.gl/Ho2y8c

For more info, please contact me through the info below.

  • Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/99fChqU
  • My Discord Username: Destructive#1640
  • Add me on Bnet: MasterSK#1789
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