9/9M 3/8M GM looking to start guild

Hello all, long time Veteran here. Been playing since 2004 have raided MC, Naxx 40, everything in between even too Cutting Edge in Legion. During my time in the original vanilla I led a top end raiding guild on gilneas at the time, where we achieved multiple server firsts. 15 years later I’m ready to return home and conquer classic again.

That being said, I’m looking to start a guild on Alliance-Ashkandi raiding 2-3 nights a week and pushing towards those server firsts again. In order to do that I need top class players, people who want to go above and beyond, and people who want the grind of being the best raiding guild on the server.

Raid times will most likely look like 8-11PM EST Tues/Weds/Thursday.

Currently gonna be recruiting all classes, including a solid officer core who will help lead the guild to perfection.

The guild will be named “Excel”

Leave your contact info if interested.

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Battletag: Healer#12276 / Discord: Shayne#6207 and ign is Rejuvenation


Reporting for duty.

I would like get in on this action, Jarclan#1192.

Dade#1814 in game Nobby Gnome Warlock, sounds like you got what i need :stuck_out_tongue: Played WoW pretty hard up to Cataclysm, didnt like the game much after WotLK so I am game for this.

Hello, I am interested. Negan #11654

Hello, level 60 Hunter with years of experience, MC Attuned, and have amulet for Onyxia. Would love to join if you are still taking in new members.

Battletag: trellyB#1836
discord: trellyB#7809

top healer on server looking to join

Looking to xfer to server